How to Reset Service Stabilitrak Light Silverado? Effective and Updated Guide

StabiliTrak is an electronic stability control system that compares the steering wheel’s position to the vehicle’s actual steering reaction using a steering wheel position sensor.

Do you know how to reset service Stabilitrak light on Silverado?

If something is amiss, StabiliTrak will make minor adjustments to the brake or engine torque to assist the driver in maintaining control.

If there is a problem with the sensor, you should see a Service StabiliTrak light on your display.

TRAC (traction control), STAB, or ABS (anti-lock braking system) warning lights may also be present. The systems are off if those lights are on, so drive appropriately.

When the safety protocols are turned off, you may also want to give yourself some more space if the road is icy or you need to perform an emergency turn.

That would be OK; however, some people have reported lower engine power, a stuttering gearbox, and bad MPGs when the safety features are turned off.

How to Reset Service Stabilitrak Light Silverado: The Steps

Stabili Trak, Traction Control, and Blinking Engine light

When the service StabiliTrak warning light on your car illuminates, it’s time to pay close attention to the problem and figure out what’s wrong, as well as a possible solution.

Because the StabiliTrak warning light indicates a problem, the instructions below will assist you in resolving the problem.

1. Under the dashboard, look for the diagnostic port

Because warning lights are your truck’s only way of reporting problems, it is suggested that you conduct the proper diagnostic tests before attempting to reset any warning light.

2. Use the scanner to collect diagnostics

Link a scanner, such as a Launch CRP123 or the Innova 6100P, that can receive and clear Chevy ABS Fault Codes.

3. Start ignition system

After a successful connection of the scanner, take the next step. Start the car and wait for the scanner to come on.

4. Select the model of your car

After successful ignition, the scanner will display car models on the screen. At this point, choose your truck model from the list on the display and go to the next stage.

5. Begin by control the units

From the drop-down menu, choose Control Units, then Anti-lock Brake System (ABS).

6. Read the Fault Codes

How to Diagnose and Fix Service Stabilitrak Traction Control Problem

In each module, choose read fault codes and jot down all of the codes and descriptions that appear.

You’ll get two or three codes that all point to the same issue most of the time. A malfunctioning ABS wheel speed sensor, for example, is the most prevalent problem.

There are four ABS sensors in every automobile. The error code description will identify the ABS sensor that is defective.

The code may be something like this: Right front ABS wheel speed sensor input is reasonable. This indicates that the passenger-side front-wheel sensor is not transmitting a signal.

7. Reconnect the scanner to confirm if the system has no more issues

After you’ve fixed the issue, reconnect the scanner and choose Clear Fault Codes or Clear DTCs.

Keep in mind that you won’t reset the service StabiliTrak warning unless you repair the problem you discovered in the previous step.

8. Switch the ignition for almost 20 seconds and back on

Please turn off the ignition for 20 seconds after clearing the code, then turn it back on. The StabiliTrak light on the service station should be switched off.

If the StabiliTrak light remains illuminated, you must review the fault codes to determine which prohibits the ABS / StabiliTrak light from being reset.

9. Examine

Please switch off your car and wait 15 minutes before restarting it. Examine whether the DIC warning has vanished, suggesting that your car is no longer in need of repair.

If the warning persists, get help from a competent repair shop or your vehicle’s local dealer.

What does the service StabiliTrak mean?

Chevy Silverado traction control and stabilitrak problem

StabiliTrak is the name given to the electronic stability control system. The StabiliTrak technology can limit engine power and use the brakes until vehicle control is recovered in critical situations.

The Electronic Brake Control Module is malfunctioning; when the service StabiliTrak notice displays on the display, a faulty ABS sensor disables the ABS and StabiliTrak systems, which is the most pervasive problem.

If the Service StabiliTrak warning light illuminates or the traction control light keeps on, the EBCM module will just not operate to keep the car on track if traction is lost.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is a type of traction control that avoids wheel spin or skidding.

The StabiliTrak technology can take it a step further and use the brakes to prevent traction loss and intervene to keep the car on track.

When an issue with the wheel speed sensors occurs, both StabiliTrak and ABS are deactivated, even though a single component failing generally causes the problem.

Electronic stability control may be referred to as ESC, ESP, or DSC by other automobile manufacturers.

Fix Service StabiliTrak Chevy

Several complications influence cause the StabiliTrak system to stop working. It’s an intricate mechanism.

When one of the steerings fails, your Chevy will no more recognize if all of the wheels are moving at the very same speed. Without this information, the service StabiliTrak warning will be activated.

  • Brake Pedal Switch– The brake pedal flip is in charge of simply turning your brake lights on and off. This gear is used by the ECU to operate functions such as StabiliTrak and power steering. If the switch stops functioning properly, these functions may be disabled.
  • Incorrect Tire Size– If GM fails to provide the tire size, StabiliTrak may not function properly.

There are numerous major risks that might cause the StabiliTrak system to stop. It’s a great move to test to see if you have any issue codes.

They might well be ready to continue providing you clues that will help you solve the problem.

Traction control and StabiliTrak may be triggered in GMC or Chevy cars by doing the following:

  1. Pass through the motherboard key by pushing the center button.
  2. All you’d have to do now is press and hold the key for the next few seconds to see the traction control activate
  3. A DIC message will then be shown. You’ll know precisely what we’re talking about if you own a GMC Sierra.
  4. Now all you have to do is wait for your car’s Stabilitrak to switch on automatically.
  5. It will happen if your automobile hits 56 km/h or above, and you should be aware that traction control will be disabled as well.

How to Turn off StabiliTrak

Stabilitrak Off Traction Off

Stabilitrak, or traction control, is safe for your vehicle.

It’s an active vehicle safety feature that tries to protect the wheels from losing traction and falling when the car makes a dangerous maneuver or speeds up the car.

Even if the terrain is particularly unstable (e.g., ice), despite the fact that we’re generally stuck in mud or snow. This means you will find a way to turn off the StabiliTrak system.

If you don’t switch off StabiliTrak in these scenarios, the car will progressively lower power. And you’ll need a boost to get out of that position.

Disabling StabiliTrak will allow you to deal with the problem more effectively.

Steps by step guide 

  1. To locate the Stabilitrak sensor, go to the vehicle menu and look beneath the instrument panel for the steering wheel controls.
  2. Take a look at the steering wheel’s left side. You must seek for and tap the black arrow here.
  3. When you’ve completed the previous steps, swipe again; all you can do now is try to change the preferences.
  4. Accept the settings after you’ve arrived at them. Whenever you’re finished, you’ll see that you also have a lot more options than if you had previously.
  5. DRIVER ASSIST should be chosen from the new choices. However, remember to click the OK button one more in this choice.
  6. The choice for DRIVER CONTROL will now appear in front of you. You have successfully finished the procedure.  All you really have to do is counter-check the steering wheel and press OK, and you’re ready to go.

FAQs on How to Reset Service Stabilitrak Light

Can I drive my car if the service StabiliTrak light is on?

They might indicate that the system is broken, that it has been switched off, or that it is getting a poor signal.

Because your traction service light is also illuminated, there is most likely a problem with the system. You are perfectly safe to use the car.

How much does it cost to repair the StabiliTrak service?

The service of a vehicle cost of a StabiliTrak is expected to be between $90 and $100, with labor expenses ranging from $40 to $50 and parts costs ranging from $40 to $60.

Prices may vary slightly from place to region or service facility to repair center.

What’s the difference between traction and stability control?

Traction control and stability control are not quite the same elements.

Stability control includes reducing power and braking wheels to let a vehicle proceed in the direction indicated by the driver.

It is beneficial while driving on a snowy road to steer a car away from the wrong course.

Traction control, on the other hand, prevents the vehicle’s wheels from spinning. It may or may not assist the car in returning to the direction indicated by the driver.

Traction control is a component of all stability controls, although it is not a component of all traction controls. Both functions, however, are required for a fair ride.

How do you reactivate StabiliTrak?

Silverado Stabilitrak

To turn the system in or out, press the TAS on/off key on the center console. If you clicked the key to switch off the system, the traction off indicator would illuminate and remain on.

By pushing the button again, you may turn the system back on at any moment. The light on the traction off switch should turn off.

How can you figure out if there’s a problem with traction control?

If your traction control warning light turns on while driving, the first thing you should do is find a safe location to pull over. Switch your car off and then back on.

If the traction control warning light remains off, the issue was only temporary, then you’ll be OK.

Is it possible for StabiliTrak to cause a car to stall?

When the stability control system fails in a circumstance when your car is fishtailing, and the system is unable to correct the problem, StabiliTrak can potentially cause your car to stall.

When this happens, the vehicle’s engine may not have enough power to pass over the barrier, causing it to stall and shut down.

Where can I get the StabiliTrak button?

On the center console, you’ll find the StabiliTrak button. Your car does not have Stabilitrak if this button is not present on the console.

What happens if the wheel speed sensor fails?

Stability and traction control are often deactivated if the ABS computer senses a malfunctioning wheel speed sensor.

Other functions on certain cars, such as hill-start assist and vehicle consistency, may be impacted by a malfunctioning wheel speed sensor.

Service Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC cars may be affected by the StabiliTrak warning symptoms.

When the Service Stabilitrak message displays, a driver may note one or both of the symptoms listed: The vehicle’s power can be reduced.

The lights for StabiliTrak, traction control, and anti-lock brakes come on; the service ESC warning light illuminates.


Since your vehicle’s StabiliTrak system is intended to keep everyone safe while driving, pay attention to the service StabiliTrak warning light if it occurs.

This is not the time to balance your car driving till you feel it is necessary to check out whether the warning signal is on.

Make sure you pull over and experiment with the fast repair method suggested in this article.

If the light is on for an extended period, you may need to seek the assistance of a professional vehicle technician to help you resolve the problem.