How to Reset Park Assist on Silverado 2023 – The Most Effective Way

The park assists in Chevy Silverado works like an aid that helps to avoid hazards in the way while you are parking your automobile anywhere. However, these measurements are made with the help of different sensors in the car.

In case part assist light is one despite everything working fine, you need to know how to reset park assist on Silverado.

Faulty wiring, damaged sensor, or any other possible reason can turn the yellow park assist light on.

Not only do these warning lights annoy the driver, but some functions may not work properly if the park assists warning light is activated. For efficient and proper working of the park assist function, you need to have proper guidance on how to reset the park assist on Silverado.

How to Reset Park Assist on Silverado: Simple but Effective Way

Silverado Park Assist

The park assists feature works best while you are driving at low speed and sensors and cameras can help you to park in all types of spaces without worrying about the surroundings. These details and the park assist features can be personalized as per your own liking.

You can also reset park assist on Silverado if the warning sign is always on, even if there is nothing wrong with the system. Before learning how to reset park assist on Silverado, you need to understand the basics of the park assist and how it works.

We are going to discuss some possible solutions on how to reset park assist on Silverado and get rid of the issue. These solutions are provided by the representatives of GM Customer Care on different online forums:

Step 1: Turn the Ignition On

Turn ignition on with the key and make sure that park assist on Silverado is enabled by DIC. You will have to enable the system manually if park assist is not activated. The owner manual can be used to learn more about how to enable park assist manually.

Step 2: Check User Manual

The DIC must not display the “Park Assist Blocked See Owner’s Manual” message. If there is no such message, you can proceed with further instructions. In case of the message display, you will have to look for the malfunction in park assist.

Step 3: Change the Park Assist Function

Troubleshooting Chevrolet Service Park Assist

You will see a switch for park assist on Silverado and you will have to release and press the switch. Pressing this switch will change the status of the park assist functions. The parameter should change between inactive and active. If the status does not change, there might be some type of malfunction or error in the park assist switch.

Step 4: Fix the LED

In case the problem still persists, there might be something wrong with the park assist LED and you will have to change the parameter of the park assist LED from on to off. Unchanged values of the park assist LED dictate the malfunction in the park assist LED on Silverado.

Step 5: Set & Go

When you put Silverado in the reverse mode, an audible sound should indicate the parameters regarding the efficient working of the park assist feature. You might have to drier Silverado in forwarding gear for some KMs. Till now, you will be able to detect the issue with the park assist feature on Silverado and reset the system accordingly.

Tools Required to Reset Park Assist on Silverado

Park assist warning light may appear due to many reasons. But owners can easily reset the park assist if there is no hardware malfunction in the system. The same error occurs when the sensors take damage due to harsh weather conditions or changed bumpers. You don’t need any type of special tools to reset park assist on Silverado.

How Does Park Assist on Silverado Work

Disabling Park Assist

Silverado has different sensors in the front and rear bumpers. Generally, the driver cannot see or detect things and obstacles that are behind the vehicle. The cameras are in both bumpers which are the video of the surroundings in the infotainment system.

Thus, it works while the parking sensors detect the distance of the object from the rear and front bumpers of Silverado. Additionally, the front sensor can detect items and obstacles that are four feet away in front of the car and eight feet away from the rear bumper. Park assist on Silverado only works if your car is moving at 5 KMPH.

Park Assistance Features

Mostly, the car moves at a slower speed while parking, so this feature is reliable in almost all situations. Here are some common alerts on Silverado that you receive due to the park assist feature:

  • The driver will receive different visual details on display regarding the distance from the object behind or in front of the Silverado.
  • The colors of the bars will keep changing as Silverado keeps moving near to the objects.
  • Mostly, red color means that the vehicle is too close to the object, so you need to be careful, or it may hit the obstacle.
  • The loud sound of the beep will keep increasing as Silverado get closer to the objects.
  • The camera display will also show the warning sign if the vehicle is getting closer to the objects.

At some point, the driver might face some problems regarding the efficiency of the park assistant function on Silverado. Park assist warning light will light up in the dashboard of Silverado. However, this issue may occur due to many reasons.

If the park assists warning light came after some type of damage or collision, you might have to replace the sensor on the collided bumper. In case nothing happened, but the park assist error is still there, you might have to reset the park assist on Silverado.

Many users are facing some issues with the activity of the park assist in Silverado. Changed bumpers generally lead to this issue, but weather conditions also play a major role in the malfunctioned park assist feature in Silverado.

All you have to do is to remove the park assist fuse from the fuse box and remove the positive terminals of the battery. The battery terminals can be removed with the normal wrench that is found in the toolkit of Silverado. Removal of the fuse does not require any tools and you can do it with bare hands.

After removing the battery terminals, plug in the park assist and then again plug in the terminals and the system will reset the park assist warning light. Removing the battery terminals will reset the system and the issue will be gone by then.

Why & When Need to Reset Park Assist

Chevrolet Service Park Assist

There are many scenarios where park assist may malfunction. Some users experience problems while reversing the Silverado and the park assist light comes on even in the driving mode. Changing the sensor may not be the only solution because the reset option can help you to get rid of the park assist warning sign.

Instead of disabling the system, resetting the park assist on Silverado may solve the issue. Here is everything you need to know about resetting the park assist on Silverado.

Crucial FAQs on How to Reset Park Assist on Silverado

Park assist is an important feature in Silverado that can make the driving experience smoother. If you are not fully aware of the benefits of the system, this article has a lot of valuable information. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding park assist on Silverado:

1. What does park assist do in Silverado?

Park assist is a driving aid in Silverado that uses a smart system to help the driver with precise parking. The system uses a combination of ultrasonic technology and cameras to produce precise guidelines about the surroundings. You can customize the warning and options in different ways.

2. Will park assist on Silverado help in parallel parking?

No, the park assists feature in Silverado is not meant to help the driver with parallel parking. The primary purpose of this advanced system is to help the driver with the visual detection of the obstacles in the path and the distance from different objects.

3. Is park assist worth it?

2011 Chevy Silverado - Disabling Park Assist

As Silverado has a built-in park assist function, you must use this amazing feature. This feature proves to be very useful in many situations where you have to park Silverado in tight parking spaces. If the feature is not working due to some technical issue, you should consider resetting or repairing the malfunctioning component.

4. What does “Service Park Assist” mean?

When the Silverado or any other vehicle shows the warning sign or the “Service Park Assist” message. However, it indicates some type of hardware or sensor malfunction in the system. Before repairing or replacing the hardware or the sensor, you should know how to reset park assist on Silverado. Mostly park assist warnings can be removed by resetting the system.

5. Does park assist work at high speed?

No, park assist on Silverado does not work if you are driving at high speed. As the feature is meant to assist in the parking, you will only get parking instructions if Silverado is moving up to 5 KMPH. Don’t solely rely on the instructions and always consider manually checking the surroundings.


Park assist problems are discussed at various forums and most of the users face the same issues. This article has everything you need to know about resetting the park assist on Silverado. The process not only covers the basics of resetting the park assist, but you can also detect the malfunction if the error does not go away after resetting the system.

There might be some slight changes for some models of the Silverado, but the overall steps are almost the same. Every owner must consider timely maintenance of malfunctioning features of Silverado. Ignoring these warning signs can create more troubles at an unexpected time, so reset park assists immediately with this user guide.