How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado: Best 7 Steps Method

The Chevy Silverado Computer carries out an important function in the car.

As a result, it is essential you know how to reset computer on Chevy Silverado. As you likely know, virtually all the cars that are factory-made today have at least a computer in them.

All cars have been manufactured for about two decades and later carry an Onboard Diagnostic II link connector.

With some budget-friendly car code eraser/reader, you can plug into these connectors.

This is to find out what codes have faltered the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and brought about the Service Engine Soon or Check Engine light to shine on the control panel of your Silverado.

Like you know, modern-day cars depend on the use of computers or what is called Engine Control Modules (ECM). 

“Of what use is the network or the module in the car?” You may ask. You can utilize them for monitoring the emissions from the engine and, of course, observing the Engine.

Today, there are two ways you can reset your car’s computer – they’re simply with or without a battery.

Without ever needing to remove the battery, you can reset the system in your Chevy Silverado. And even with the battery, as you will see in this guide.

How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado: Steps-by-Steps Solution

Step 1: Attempt restarting the Chevy Silverado

Position the Ignition Key in the Silverado and put it on the key on or Engine off spot.

Oftentimes, the system looks out for faults each time you turn the key in the ignition.

Note that you will need your car keys at each time to kick off the process of starting out the vehicle as well as moving it about.

At times, you may need to turn it on and switch it off to scale through certain stages in resetting the computer on your Chevy Silverado.

If the condition bringing about the fault has been corrected, attempt switching the ignition.

Then, delay turning it on for twelve seconds, after which you may put it on. You’ll definitely perceive the rays show up for some seconds and it’ll either turn off or remain on.

Step 2: Know the Fuel Limit

The emissions control is linked to the service engine light. Why is this so?

You’ll come to discover that the moment the engine light turns on, you’ll realize that the efficiency of your fuel will also come down.

Here, the system carries a sensor joined to the fuel limit and often triggered the service engine light each time the fuel lid is not tightly closed.

Anyway, it turns out, does find out if the fuel lid is shut. After you might have driven the car for some time, the light may then go off.

Step 3: Transform the Quality of the Fuel

At times, the low quality of the fuel may affect the emissions system and make the Engine run poorly.

In the event that this happens, attempt putting another fuel of better quality. Or you may just change the fuel to a different variety.

You may need to get a filled engine and you may also need to take the car around a little before the power may at that time go off.

Step 4: Remove the Battery (Resetting without the Battery)

Before removing the battery, ensure you take away the key from the ignition.

Try and open your truck hood and remove the negative lead on the battery of your truck. You may then wait for 5 – 10 minutes, after which you may then put it back.

Removing your battery will reset the computer of your truck. The issue with resetting your computer while the battery is on is that by doing so, you may remove the vehicle’s memory entirely.

This (without the battery), however, has the advantage of not only solving the issue with the check engine light but it likewise reset every other information in your Chevy Silverado.

At times, the error, actually, is with the computer of the Chevy Silverado becoming jammed on some error.

Flowing with this, a difficult reset will correct the error.

Consequently, you will need to take the car for a certain time so that the systems and sensors can come back to their appropriate settings.

Step 5: Using the Codes

To use the code, first find out where the Diagnostic Link Connector that’s below your Chevy Silverado is under the dashboard of the side of the driver.

You may then fix the Car’s OBD II code reader’s trapezoidal plug into the DLC.

This will help the power from your Silverado Car to switch on the Code Reader mechanically.

With the presence of the up and down keys present on your code reader, you’ll be able to take care of the list. At that point, ensure you read the codes first and note them down in a book.

Step 6: Deleting the Codes

After you must have noted the code, you may now utilize the up and down lines to maneuver through the codes and hit off the “Erase Codes” instruction. At this instant, you may then find out if the Check Engine lights are lighting or they are not.

By so doing, you will be able to conveniently reset the computer on Chevy Silverado. Noting the process of restarting the system, you’ll need the OBD II Code Reader. Always take a pen and a sheet of paper to accurately note the code.

Step 7: Change a Bad Sensor

This is another option you can take when you want to know how to reset computer on Chevy Silverado.

Where none of the above options turn out as effective, it may likely then be a damaged sensor that continues to trigger the light.

In that case, you will need to move your Chevy Silverado to a dealership. Over there, they’d diagnose to know the sensor that triggers the light.

On knowing that, you may then let the dealership change the sensor or purchase the part and change it yourself.

Required Tools

In a bid to know how to reset a Chevy Silverado computer, be mindful of the tools you need to use.

In resetting the computer on your Chevy Silverado, you need a few items. These are further described below:

01. Onboarding Diagnostic II Reader – this is your self-diagnostic tool that reports technical stuff about the sub-systems of your vehicle.

If there is a technical issue with your Chevy Silverado, your OBD will just shine an error gauge light and would equally offer some information about the condition of the problem.

So, the signal protocols your OBD II car code reader provides will definitely assist in resetting the codes easily.

02. A Pen and a Piece of Paper – While some folks may be good with storing up numbers and figures on the brain memory, most people are not as good.

Interestingly, it is not surprising as the codes to be entered often consist of numbers and figures.

If you happen to find yourself in this category, you will certainly need to take a pen and a sheet of paper with you.

With them, you will be able to know what to enter at each point without missing anything and frustrating the purpose of resetting the computer on your Chevy Silverado.

When do you need to Reset your Chevy Computer?

Just as we have pointed out, the Chevy Silverado Computer tracks numerous essential utilities in your Chevy Silverado.

Its faulty condition can bring about a horde of front-row risks.

To prevent this from happening, you need to always stay alert while working on your vehicle and be on the lookout for any telling signs of the poor condition of your vehicle.

The following may be considered major signs that you need to reset your Chevy Computer?

Issues with Starting your Car

 A car computer with issues is probably going to cause some problems while starting the vehicle.

At times, the car may not start totally. This often occurs as a result of the failure of power getting to the computer of the car because of some wiring problem or a blown fuse.

Nevertheless, where the entire unit has messed up, your car will not continue as a result of the absence of engine control.

Step 1: Some well-lit Check Engine Light

A check engine light that is well-illuminated may as well be a tell-tale symptom for you as a driver.

When the car is turned on, the check engine light switches on. However, this is just a mild test to find out if the bulb is performing as it should perform.

It ought not to light anymore, except the vehicle’s computer has spotted some issue with the circuit of the vehicle or its dysfunctional sensors.

A check engine light that is illuminated may become an issue where the condition does not keep an issue with its parts.

As a result, if you detected that the light is regularly switched on or it is erratic in a manner, it’s likely a great time you should assess your vehicle for any problems.

Step 2: Burning Smell

Another tell-tale sign you must heed is a burning smell in your Chevy Silverado.

An important instruction is for you to check your ECM each time you spot a burning smell or detect observable burn scratches.

Step 3: Unsteady Engine Condition

When your car computer is damaged, it can cause your engine to stall, misfire, or jerk suddenly on condition that your diffusion is sustained and your car carried enough conduction fluid.

Oftentimes, this condition is unascertainable and differs in intensity and frequency.

Step 4: Engine Problems

A car computer that malfunctions adversely disturbs components of vehicle operation like fuel settings.

Your car would go through decreased fuel efficiency and the economy, as well as poor acceleration and timing.

Step 5: Excessive Fuel Consumption

Although, in a situation where the car consumes excess fuel, it is the Engine Control Module that’s faulty.

Nevertheless, you could also trace this inefficiency to the poor condition of your car’s computer.

As expected, a faulty car computer will have a difficult task detecting the bad state of the ECM that might have led to overmuch fuel consumption.


Every hint we have touched on several areas in resetting computers on Chevy Silverado are tried, tested, trusted by expert professionals in the automotive industry.

As a result, you may choose to follow them to crack any streak of an issue with your car’s computer successfully.

There are greater chances that resetting the computer will bring a solution to whatever problem you may encounter when you put your truck back on the road.

But if anything happens to get beyond your scope of understanding, you can let a professional handle the brunt for you.

By so doing, you will ascertain that the issues with your car will be accurately diagnosed and attended to. Thus “how to reset computer on Chevy Silverado”, isn’t so tough though.

Ensure you always pay quality attention to the tell-tale symptoms from your car’s computer. Don’t choose to delay for the signs to debilitate.

A reason for this is not far to seek – your Chevy Silverado will continue to perform badly and degenerate into an insecure condition for you and other road users.

But where you can handle it early enough, a defective car computer will generate little to no problems when it comes to counting the cost of time, safety, budget, and other resources.

Always study your preferences well the moment it comes to resetting your car computer.

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