A Simple Guide to Chevy Blend Door Actuator Reset: Quick & Easy Steps

Do you receive cold air from your car heater or hot air from the air conditioner? It means there is a need for a Chevy blend door actuator reset.

Is there any ticking noise as you turn on the ignition key from your dash? Yes, it is an indication that the blend door actuator is not functioning right.

The blend door actuator is inter-twined to the pivot or the air control door. It is a plastic set on the drive unit.

An actuator fails to work when the plastic gear breaks or becomes brittle. Actually, this is the time to know how to replace the blend door actuator.

Blend door actuator signs where your temperature is stuck to one setting and does not adjust to up and down the intensity or alternates between the defroster and lower vents.

Moreover, the knocking or tapping sound on the door is a problem. You can get it replaced to get it working again or reset the actuator and restore it.

Chevy Blend Door Actuator

HVAC Actuator Reset

Chevy blend door actuator relates to the problems that arise within Chevy vehicles. It is a small problem that is about climate control within the automobile.

The reason is that during winter, you want warm air in your car, but if cool air blows out, it is a must to pay attention to the blend door actuator.

There is a small electric motor connected to the climate control system. Moreover, the blend door is a plastic panel.

Even, the blend door actuator works on a drive unit control that is an electric motor. Precisely, the design is such that it turns in a specific direction the plastic unit.

When it fails to do or gets stuck in one direction, it calls for attention. 

Chevy Blend Door Actuator Reset: Step by Step Procedure

Knowing the working of the blend door actuator is crucial before trying your hands-on how to replace the blend door actuator in the reset process.

Housing in plastic is put with the blend door actuator. This system includes a door sensor helping in delivering feedback to the computer system handling climate control.

The blend door actuator Chevy Silverado has a vital role in directing the temperature and air direction within the heater plenum.

Thus, it enables adjusting mode settings, such as the recalibration modes, temperature, fresh air, defrost, etc.

The actuator controls the settings, hot and cold, for the passenger compartments in Chevy. However, when there is a need to reset the actuator, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Take out the lower dash panel

As the first step, know how many blend door actuators in Chevrolet Silverado.

Remove the bolts mounted using a small socket and a ratchet, present beneath the dash plastic cover on the passenger side. Check thoroughly for hidden screws and remove them.

Access the dash underside and remove the cover.

On removing it, you can see a lot of wirings and a heater box. You can see dual climate control working as a temperature actuator. 

Step 2: Remove the door actuator

Chevrolet AC blend door Actuator Repair

Dealing with the blend door actuator Chevy Silverado is easy using a small screwdriver. It releases the wiring safety clip appearing on the harness of the actuator.

Pull the wiring connector down, remove the actuator.

Step 3: Take the actuator out

Locate the actuator mounting screws and remove them. Remove the screws; it is a must so that you can access them.

Keep the screws safe. It is required when you need to fit it on completion. After removing all the screws, the actuator becomes loose.

Step 4: Deal with air door pivot

Manually adjust the blend door before resetting the actuator in both directions. Hold the door pivot and ensure it moves freely in both directions.

It indicates obstruction if the function is not smooth. If so, check for reasons that prevent movement. It may be some small objects such as a toy, a small pebble, etc.

Check the functionalities of the Chevy blend door actuator and change the motor of the actuator. Turn the motor and see it’s working in all the directions.

Step 5: Reset the actuator

Test the wiring and the connector terminals. Thorough checking is a must before re-installation.

Ensure to place all the screws right, push the connector into the actuator. The installation fits right as there is a clicking sound.

Step 6: Restore the cover

The process of re-installation is complete on placing the plastic cover. It is necessary to push around slightly to ensure the lineup is perfect.

Place the cover and manually install the mounting screws. These are the steps to Chevy blend door actuator reset.

Finally, wait for a few minutes and ascertain it is working in both directions.

Tools required


Chevy blend door actuation is easy to reset with the right tools set, and they are not expensive. Following the steps using the tools will ensure you execute the task flawlessly and learn how to replace the blend door actuator.

  • The Ratchet features a metal handle allowing turning the bolts in one direction.
  • Socket helps in opening or fitting a few parts. It is a small tool.

The reset kit also guides you. Yet, if Chevy truck owners are unable to deal with the process of resetting, they must contact professional mechanics.

Cautions in the Reset Process

Resetting the blend door actuator Chevy Silverado should be done by paying attention to each detail. The wiring on the actuator harness features clips, and it may be brittle that dealing with care is important.

The internal parts are delicate, and they must not get damaged.

Inspect the wiring connector of the door actuator, clean the connector and verify for corrosion signs.

How to Install a Blend Door Actuator

Saving the replacement costs of the blend door actuator is possible by following this simple guide of how to install a blend door actuator. It means to bear only the part cost.

There is a requirement for mechanic tools such as a 5.5mm socket set and screwdrivers.

Disconnect the glove box location is to the passenger side dashboard. Disconnect the glove box using a small socket set or a screwdriver and ratchet handle.

Usually, in hard-to-reach areas, there will be these mounting bolts. You must locate and remove them. On removing the fastening screws, remove from underneath the dash panel the glove box.

Step 1: Take out the blend door actuator

Take out the Chevy blend door actuator, located near the heater box using a screwdriver, and disconnect the wiring clips. The clips may break if they are brittle, so work with a light hand.

Press the wiring connector tab, remove the clips and pull it off. Check the connector for rust and corrosion, clean it, and remove from the actuator the mounted screws.

Usually, two or three screws do not come off easily, as they are in a corner. Use a small socket to remove such screws and gently wiggle off so that the actuator comes out safely.

Step 2: Rotate the air door pivot

Manually rotate the blend door before mounting the blend door new actuator. Ascertain no damage to the unit, and turn to ensure it moves freely in both directions.

If you notice, it is not easy to turn in one direction check for obstructions. If required, turn the blower and clear both directions.

Step 3: Install new actuator

Replacing Hot Cold Blend Door Actuator Driver Side & HVAC A_C Reset

Check the wiring harness and go ahead with re-installation. Insert the mounting screws and mount the actuator.

Thread the screws using a socket set or screwdriver. Avoid over-tightening as it is a plastic thread, and finally, socket the connector wiring.

Step 4: Reinstallation of Glovebox

Check and re-check the blend door actuator after reinstalling. Place the glove box in its place, thread the screws manually, and not tighten the screw, especially the first one.

After successful installation, switch in different zones climate control knobs, start the vehicle, and enjoy work completion.

FAQs for the Chevy Blend Door Actuator Reset

1. How many blend door actuators in Chevrolet Silverado?

Chevy Silverado has two blend doors. It is on the driver side and one on the passenger side.

The simple replacement procedure is extensive and focusing on the instructions helps to deal with the blend door actuator in the passenger side blend door. 

2. What does the blend door actuator do?

The blend door actuator is a plastic housing. It features a plastic gear set and a small electric motor.

A door position sensor incorporates into the unit and sends information feedback to the computer that controls climate within the Chevy. The actuator moves air and temperature direction within the heater box.

It features a control mode setting to handle the floor, temperature, re-circulation, fresh air, and defrost. It also controls the passenger compartment’s hot and cold settings.

The computer gives the actuator an electrical command to start the actuator motor to move and to change the modes of direction that rely on the temperature selected by the passenger or the driver.

Systems also feature three or four units located in various areas and control operation mode. It varies with each car model and makes. 

3. Can you fix a blend door actuator on your own?

It is possible to fix it on your own if you have a small ratchet and a socket. It helps in removing the screws and the wiring connector of the actuator.

The repairing process of a blend door actuator differs with each vehicle and its location. So, people considering DIY repairs should patiently check the location.

4. How much does a blend door actuator cost on Chevy Silverado?

The Chevy Silverado blend door actuator 1500 HVAC replacement cost is around $290 and $331, and it depends on how many blend door actuator in Chevrolet Silverado. The estimation of the labor costs is from $150 to $300.

5. Why do blend door actuators fail?

Replacing Blend Door Actuator Driver Side & HVAC A_C Reset

The actuator of the blend door is associated with the pivot of the air control door in the unit’s last drive. It is a plastic gear set rotating to the sides.

However, it rotates with the help of an electric motor, and as the gear set is in plastic, it breaks or becomes brittle as it becomes fragile. Thus it fails to work.

6. How long does it take to fix a blend door actuator?

Knowing how to install a blend door actuator and fixing it does not take more than two hours, and this also includes testing time. 

7. Where is the heater blend door actuator located?

The heater is underneath the dashboard in the HVAC box. The blend door actuator’s exact location varies with each vehicle model, make, and year of service.

8. How do I test my AC blend door actuator?

Noticing symptoms such as knocking sound beneath the dashboard, inconsistent temperature, or wrong temperature is an indication you must test the blend door actuator.

You can call the mechanic and reset or consider DIY if you know how to install a blend door actuator.

The actuators of the blend door, test the airflow, and the temperature within the vehicle by closing and opening the heater flap at the back of the glove box.

The blend door actuator testing is done by disconnecting the negative terminals of the vehicle. It is a DIY task, or take it to a mechanic garage.

They will test using a calibration machine and check if the blend door motor has issues. Hot heater issues offer an indication to fix the problem.

Find the actuator and switch the climate temperature. If the actuator fails to move in different modes when you switch, it needs a replacement. 

Check and test the linkage of the blend door. If it is bad, take some professional assistance to set it right.


Knowing the blend door actuator, blend door actuator’s symptoms, functions, and fixing save the discomfort for your passengers.

Precisely, this article outlines the blend door actuator signs, and how to reset them. You can carry the Chevy blend door actuator reset as DIY if you have confidence.

The blend door actuator resetting does not need a certified mechanic.

A simple car mechanic or even you, a regular user of your Chevy can understand the symptoms and how many blend door actuator in Chevrolet Silverado.

The main requirement is the willingness to dirty your hands and with proper information to understand or resolve the issue. The mechanics charge exorbitantly. You can save a few dollars if you consider a DIY.