Top 05 Best Exhaust for 6.2 Silverado Review with User Guides

Here is the best exhaust for 6.2 Silverado, one of the most important parts to take care of this vehicle.

An efficient exhaust system can provide several essential benefits for a 6.2 Chevy Silverado. When it comes to getting more horsepower or improving engine power, an exhaust system can be the answer.

Still, some first-time users may feel a bit overwhelmed when finding today’s best available option.

To make anyone’s final decision more accessible, we have included all the necessary information here. Even individuals will be able to avoid making the wrong decision, thus wasting their money.

Expert’s Choice Best Performance Exhaust for Silverado 6.2

What is the best 6.2 exhaust system for Silverado?

BORLA and CORSA are the best 6.2 exhaust system for Silverado. They are ideal for improving the engine horsepower and torque.

They are the most trusted brands in the market and offer great results for your vehicle’s life.

All the models under these brands will provide you with excellent results.

Why BORLA and CORSA are the best Chevy Silverado 6.2 exhaust system?

We have picked BORLA and CORSA as the best brands because they optimize the engine horsepower and enhance exhaust flow.

As a result, your engine’s life is boosted. Besides, they are easy to install as well.

Therefore, these products can deliver fantastic results for any Silverado.

Top 05 Best Exhaust for 6.2 Silverado Review 2023

The most important features include the sound level obtained, the type of installation, the design of the rear outlets, the compatibility and the durability of each exhaust system.

So, all you need to do is read on to find out the best features of the following exhaust systems.

01. BORLA 140572 Cat-Back Exhaust System

BORLA 140572 Cat-Back Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Enhances engines efficiency
  • Highly durable product
  • Great for night vision
  • Boosts exhaust flow
  • Compatible to most Silverado’s

Among the most reliable parts for a Silverado 6.2 is this exhaust system.

When it comes time to implement the parts replacement, Borla is a very reliable way to extend the lifespan of our vehicle.

To do this, we must look at both the durability of this entire dual rear exhaust system.

A remarkable feature of this Silverado 6.2 exhaust is that it can improve the functionality of any engine. Of course, both flow and power are maximized by taking care of the internal components.

Proper removal of toxic elements will allow the motor to perform more efficiently and healthier.

It is also necessary to point out that a Silverado 6.2 will have the possibility of having a more significant amount of horsepower.

This means an exhaust system that can provide more excellent responsiveness. So this is more than enough for people who intend to optimize the workability of any vehicle.

In this case, we can highlight that this is a set of parts manufactured with CNC machinery.

Many experts assure that the fit is highly accurate due to this manufacturing process. It should also be noted that first-class materials are used to construct each of the parts incorporated in the package.

Here in high strength metal allows avoiding corrosion due to the elimination of components generated after combustion.

Beyond that, the durability of this system of parts provides tremendous confidence and safety in use to each user.

All this allows it to be a brand that is among the best options today. 

To perform the assembly process requires expert craft. In this case, it is an exhaust system adaptable to the Chevrolet Silverado or General Motors Company Sierra 1500.

The entire package includes the parts that are essential to be able to complete this assembly process. So this is one of the most convenient options when it comes to acquiring auto parts.


  • Excellent lifespan
  • Increased horsepower
  • Optimized exhaust flow


  • Only for Sierra 1500 or Silverado 6.2

02. CORSA 14328 Cat-Back Exhaust System

CORSA 14328 Cat-Back Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced lifespan
  • Boosts engine life
  • All accessories included in the package
  • Highly durable
  • Stainless steel-made

Having a reliable set of parts allows a Silverado 6.2 to provide a great driving experience. Choosing the right option should consider each feature of this exhaust system.

In this case, we have a rear dual-outlet exhaust system that can enhance the functionality of a Silverado 6.2.

Among the highlights of this exhaust system is not only its clamp-on tip design.

One of the essential aspects of this exhaust system is that the user will notice a more powerful performance. In this case, the exhaust fluid is optimized due to the design of this part system.

It is also highly remarkable that excellent reflective sound cancellation technology can be obtained.

This is how it is that a drone-free exhaust sound has been received. In other words, the Silverado 6.2 will be able to enjoy a great personality by incorporating this exhaust system.

No matter the type of sound obtained, the power gain will always be convenient.

A unique design has been incorporated here to avoid some problems and prolong the durability.

The whole structure is made of stainless steel, which was used for manufacturing. Each of the parts is of high quality and has a high precision design.

All this is important but not the only thing we can mention.

Inside, a double-wall design has been incorporated that will be highly effective throughout the entire lifespan. In particular, it is a feature that manages to protect the vehicle from heat distortion.

So it is an exhaust system that will cope with the exhaust flow without suffering the consequences. As an additional feature, high-definition and precision lasers have been used for engraving the Corsa logo.

To be able to perform the assembly procedure, every necessary part has been incorporated.

In most cases, no modifications are required. Even the parts have unique designs that allow direct adaptation of this exhaust system.

In addition, it is very efficient to have a skilled worker for the assembly process. In any case, it is one of the options that will allow upgrading a Silverado 6.2.


  • Complete parts kit
  • Excellent engine sound
  • High-quality durability


  • Limited power gain 

03. BORLA 140571 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

BORLA 140571 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Optimizes engine power and exhaust flow
  • Highly durable
  • Great power gain
  • Comes with a set of accessories
  • Offers a great service life

Borla continues to provide high-quality options for those interested in enhancing the functionality of a Silverado 6.2.

Considering this exhaust system for a Chevy Silverado or a GMC Sierra 1500 is still a great option. In particular, the user will enjoy a significant increase in power and efficiency in their engine.

When it comes to implementing this set of parts, it is possible to notice the dual rear output. In this case, it is a complete set of features that will optimize the power of the engine and the exhaust flow.

Each of these advantages or benefits enables the user to enjoy a vehicle that provides more excellent responsiveness.

At the same time, an excellent muffler has been incorporated to provide a deep and adequate sound. All this will be more than enough for a Silverado 6.2 to enjoy having its personality.

Any engine that can work with this exhaust system will run cleaner for a longer lifespan.

CNC machined manufacturing process has been used to create every part of this Silverado 6.2 exhaust.

In particular, this manufacturing process is highly efficient due to the high precision it can offer. Along with this, high-strength stainless steel has also been incorporated.

Here we have a set of features that provides a long lifespan.

Even the resistance incorporated inside these parts prevents accelerated deterioration due to corrosion. Here we can also include a high resistance against heat distortion.

One way or another, the user will incorporate an exhaust system that is highly resistant to different factors.

Sometimes, many novice users with the knowledge and tools can perform the assembly procedure.

To accomplish this procedure and use this exhaust system, every essential part and accessory has been incorporated.

So, you do not have to purchase any additional features to enhance the functionality of a Silverado 6.2 engine.


  • Excellent lifespan
  • Good power gain
  • Optimized exhaust flow 


  • Regular sound level 

04. Corsa EXHST Chevrolet Silverado, 6.2L Dual Rear Exhaust System

Corsa EXHST Chevrolet Silverado, 6.2L Dual Rear Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Highly durable
  • Installing them is easy
  • Produces deep sound
  • High-quality stainless steel-made product
  • Compatible with most Silverado’s

This time we can mention this rear dual-outlet rear exhaust system for a 2019 and up Silverado 6.2.

Simply put, this is a kit with the parts and detailed instructions to complete the assembly procedure. In such a way that many enthusiastic users of this vehicle will improve it with their own hands.

Incorporating this set of parts will allow any user to notice the achievements obtained. In this case, we are talking about an increase in engine power due to cleaner operation.

Incorporating this set of parts means improving the exhaust flow for a much more efficient elimination of all the components produced by combustion.

So it should also be considered that a deep and proper sound complements the performance of this Silverado 6.2 exhaust system. This may be one of the best ways to give the Silverado 6.2 the personality it needs.

Top-notch materials have also been incorporated in the manufacture of this set of parts.

This indicates the use of stainless steel of high quality. Even high-precision design has also been required to avoid complex installation. Any user will be able to enjoy safe and reliable functionality thanks to these features.

Even the manufacturing procedure can avoid some additional problems such as distortion of the parts due to heat.

Many people claim that this part assembly is among the most reliable due to its long lifespan.

Another advantage that the user will be able to notice is the bolted installation.

Specifically, this type of installation avoids the need to incorporate welding or modifications to the vehicle.

So this reduces the time needed for assembly and allows a novice user to engage in this procedure. However, the professional craft is always recommended to avoid mistakes.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Excellent deep sound level
  • Long durability and lifespan


  • Intermediate power gain 

05. Borla-140775 Silverado/Sierra Cat Back Exhaust System

Borla-140775 Silverado_Sierra Cat Back Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • It vastly improves the power of Silverado’s exhaust system
  • Highly durable design
  • Maximizes the fuel economy
  • Great power gain
  • Boosts engine power

Another way to improve the functionality of a Silverado 6.2 or a Sierra 1500 is with this dual rear exhaust system.

We are talking about the manufacturer Borla incorporating the best aspects to develop a reliable exhaust system.

Sometimes this is a way to obtain more strength, among other benefits.

When it comes to improving the power of a Silverado 6.2, this exhaust system can be a very suitable option.

In this case, it is a set of parts that can unleash a good number of horsepower. It even allows an engine to run cleaner by optimizing the exhaust flow.

Also to be taken into consideration are the patented multi-core technology and direct-pass technology.

In other words, it is a set of aspects that can optimize the results obtained compared to other exhaust systems.

Once again, the fabrication process is carried out with excellent inputs.

Here is a set of stainless steel parts that manage to provide a long lifespan. Overall, the user will enjoy high durability to take advantage of great benefits such as fuel economy or increased power.

Among the most critical aspects is the fact that it is a very reliable and safe exhaust system.

Even the manufacturer has taken care of every important detail, such as the deep sound level that this exhaust system can offer.

Finally, we can add that the installation procedure allows you to incorporate this set of parts into a 2019 Sierra 1500 or Silverado 6.2.

Only bolt-on installation is required, which avoids the incorporation of welding and modifications. All of this eases the mounting procedure and allows users to enjoy their new vehicle with little effort.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Good power gain 


  • For 2019 models only 

Buying Considerations for the Best Exhaust for 6.2 Silverado

2018 Chevy Silverado LTZ 6.2L V8 DUAL EXHAUST w_ STRAIGHT PIPES

Several essential aspects must be analyzed before purchasing an exhaust system.

In particular, this set of elements is directly related to the results obtained on a Silverado 6. 2 with a given exhaust system.


Compatibility is, of course, one of the aspects that must be considered before purchasing an ideal option.

In general, exhaust systems are manufactured with the original vehicle designs in mind. Good compatibility avoids the need to incorporate modifications to the Silverado at the moment of mounting.

When compatibility is not taken into account, an exhaust system could be purchased that is very difficult to install.

Here the user will be faced with a wide variety of issues as the design of many parts will not match the owner’s Silverado 6.2. So compatibility by year of manufacture and by the model must be considered.

Benefits gained

In many instances, a proper Silverado 6.2 exhaust system can provide certain benefits to the vehicle.

Many of them can improve the performance and power of a Silverado 6.2 engine. Nevertheless, either option cannot provide an identical level of power enhancement.

In some instances, much better fuel economy can also be noted.

While these benefits require a larger budget, they can prove to be very convenient over the lifespan of the Silverado 6.2.

Therefore, the services that each set of exhaust parts can deliver must be taken into account.

Sound Level

Not all users want to incorporate an overly aggressive sound into their vehicles. Different exhaust systems, in particular, can generate a different sound level.

This all depends on the type of muffler that has been incorporated into the exhaust system. Some of them may offer superior technologies to deal with the noise generated from the engine and combustion.

So when it comes to sound enhancement, a high-quality muffler is the best choice. On certain occasions, a mid-quality muffler may offer an uncomfortable and inadequate sound level.

This should be considered as engine noise will always be present when using the vehicle.

Type of installation

On many occasions, there are exhaust systems that do not take into consideration a simple installation.

In these cases, the user will need a welding procedure or modifications in their vehicles. However, all these hassles can be avoided by having an exhaust system that incorporates a bolt-on type of installation.

If we take into account compatibility when purchasing an exhaust system, the installation procedure will be straightforward.

The bolt-on installation itself allows the exhaust system to be mounted in a short time. Many novice users only need a few tools when it comes to installing these parts. 

Type of rear outlet

Finally, we can consider the type of rear outlet that an exhaust system can offer. Among the most popular models is undoubtedly the single rear outlet.

Those who wish to have optimized exhaust flow and other benefits need to consider a dual rear outlet. In particular, this last option is the one most often considered to improve an engine’s performance.


Before considering an exhaust system you should consider the design your vehicle needs.

The important thing is that there is a distance between the fuel system and the exhaust system of at least 2 inches. Normally the most common exhaust systems will respect this distance and are adapted to the design of each vehicle.

Here it is also important to consider the compatibility of the exhaust system with your vehicle. Another problem of incompatibility could be a distance of fewer than 2 inches between the fuel system and the exhaust system.

This can certainly prevent fire situations by keeping these components from being in constant contact. 

Piping design

An exhaust system is unlikely to have the same exact design as other options on the market.

Even the design of the exhaust system piping can also have a considerable influence on the sound obtained. Every user can get a loud sound from the exhaust system with an H-style design.

In the same sense, a low sound tone can be obtained from the exhaust system when the piping design is X-style.

Of course, all this must be considered along with the size of the muffler incorporated in the exhaust system.

Thermal barrier

Sometimes a thermal barrier is often incorporated along with the exhaust system, although this is not always assured.

Specifically, this can be useful for air intake. At the end of the day, these components are critical when it comes to getting the maximum power gain for the Silverado 6.2. 

Most Searched FAQ’s for the Best Performance Exhaust for Silverado 6.2

2018 Chevy Silverado LTZ 6.2L V8 DUAL EXHAUST

What’s the best sounding exhaust for Silverado?

Nowadays, there are several choices when analyzing an exhaust system to optimize the sound.

Among the most recommended are both Borla as well as Corsa. They are, in fact, two of the options that can not only provide a deep level of sound to a Silverado 6.2.

Any user who decides to incorporate an exhaust system from these manufacturers may notice other changes. In this case, we can include a higher level of fuel efficiency or a gain in horsepower.

However, when it comes to sound alone, any of these manufacturers incorporate a good level of technology. This results in a deep sound level that is not annoying.

Is Borla better than MagnaFlow?

Both Borla and Corsa are considered the leaders when it comes to exhaust systems. At times, users may require a much larger budget compared to other manufacturers.

However, this will also be reflected in a much longer lifespan and durability due to higher quality exhaust systems.

Purchasing a cheap Silverado 6.2 exhaust system could be detrimental to the efficient operation of a 6.2 Silverado engine.

This is why professionals recommend having a larger budget and opting for only the best exhaust systems.

Excellent benefits such as increased performance and power are easily obtained from the engine with these exhaust systems. 

Is the 6.2-liter engine reliable?

One of Chevrolet’s most reliable engines is undoubtedly the Silverado 6.2.

Many people use the Silverado 6.2 for a wide variety of purposes. Some of these uses may include simply transporting passengers.

Meanwhile, there may also be other essential uses, such as heavy-duty duty or heavy-duty hauling.

Either way, the Silverado 6.2 has demonstrated a lifespan that is among the longest.

One can even note several benefits that the Silverado 6.2 shares with other similar engines such as the Silverado 5.3. All this makes it necessary to incorporate excellent parts such as a sound exhaust system. 

Why is Borla so expensive?

Many people consider this manufacturer to be among the most expensive and do not understand the reason.

Inferior 400 series stainless steel, aluminized steel, or oxidized mild steel is typically used to manufacture exhaust systems. A set of high-level procedures is incorporated here to enhance the capabilities of these metals.

Borla only chooses to use steel in its austenitic form. Naturally, it is a metal that requires larger budgets than others metals.

However, it is proven to be one of the highest quality metals that can be implemented to manufacture exhaust systems.

So the costs will be higher, but the user will get an excellent exhaust system. 

Is Borla exhaust worth the money?

As many people know, a Borla exhaust system requires a larger budget.

Something similar is the case with a Corsa exhaust system. Automotive experts say that either of these two manufacturers provides exhaust systems that are worth the money.

Beyond the fact that a higher budget is required, the results are also superior to other manufacturers.

In other words, they are a set of exhaust systems with a long lifespan that also provide significant benefits to the vehicle’s engine.

Quickly, the user will obtain an increase in engine power together with a cleaner operation.

Do exhaust tips change the sound?

In particular, the factors that can change the sound provided by an exhaust system are several rather than just one.

Here, a much raspier sound can be obtained when a smaller tip is incorporated along with the exhaust system. Conversely, a deeper sound is obtained when the exhaust system incorporates a larger tip.

It is also important to consider the type of muffler and the piping design of the entire exhaust system. Typically, a much deeper sound is obtained with double-wall muffler tips.

However, all factors must be considered as the exhaust tips have a small percentage influence on the sound obtained. 

Does muffler delete add HP?

A common myth among some mechanics is the removal of the muffler in order to gain more horsepower.

In most instances, the removal of this component will not provide more power or horsepower to most vehicles.

On some vehicles, it is possible to gain some horsepower in a minimal amount. In general, it is possible to operate 5 additional horsepower, although this is not the best way to gain power.

Instead, there are other important parts that will maintain the muffler and prevent an annoying sound level.

Final Words

There is no single way to care for and maintain a vehicle properly. However, several high-quality parts provide significant benefits.

Without a doubt, the best exhaust for 6.2 Silverado can make a big difference by providing more power and other features. So these reasons are more than enough to have the necessary budget.

Adding this set of parts to a Silverado 6.2 will allow the engine to run smoother and cleaner.

Specifically, it is a simple aspect that could improve efficiency and potency. At the same time, cleaner operation decreases the likelihood of damage and accelerated deterioration.

In most cases, an excellent Silverado 6.2 exhaust always provides positive and efficient results.

In any case, it is a much better removal of the toxic components produced after combustion. So implementing the best exhaust system will allow a person to take care of his vehicle in an excellent way.