How Chevy Vehicles Perform Better With Linear Actuators: Precision on Wheels

The Chevrolet brand is over 100 years old. So far, the company has put out more than 500 million cars, which are present in cities around the world. But people don’t buy Chevy vehicles because of the brand’s age or the number they put out. They buy them because they are reliable and perform better than most other cars.

What makes Chevrolet cars perform better? Many factors contribute, among which are linear actuators. Here we’ll explain precisely how these devices improve the functioning of Chevy vehicles. For that, we’ll look at some cars from the manufacturer that uses linear actuators.

Top Chevrolet Vehicles That Use Linear Actuators

Below are some popular Chevy vehicles that use linear actuators and how the devices help them perform better:

1. Chevrolet Silverado

2022 Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado truck was first released in 1998. It’s a top-quality vehicle, and recent models rely on linear actuators for many functions. The highlight, however, is the 4WD actuator.

As an off-road vehicle, the Chevrolet  Silverado relies on a 4WD motion device for a better riding experience. The actuator works by engaging the truck’s front truck differentials. That way, the driver can activate all four wheels.

This is an upgrade from engaging just the two back wheels. Thanks to the 4WD linear actuator, the truck performs better on off roads. Still, the device allows the driver to switch between single- and all-wheel drive whenever necessary.

The 4WD actuator in the Chevy Silverado brings many benefits. Above all, it boosts traction and control on the roughest of roads. Also, since the driver can switch between single and all-wheel drive, fuel consumption is efficient.

You’ll find the 4WD actuator in the front differential of the Chevy Silverado. The actuator is a blade type with a 5-prong male terminal. It connects to a wiring harness, which fetches signals from the truck’s transfer case switch.

2. Chevrolet Tracker

2023 Chevrolet tracker

It’s easy to pass the Chevrolet Tracker vehicle as a simple mini SUV. But you’ll be mistaken. It’s a powerful vehicle for off-road driving, making it as good as any light truck.

Many users prefer the Chevrolet Tracker for its comfort. A part of it involves the SUV’s accurate heating and air conditioning system. However, the system only works so well thanks to a heater blend door actuator.

The job of the heater blend door actuator is a simple one. It opens and closes the blend door, allowing the outflow of hot or cold air as desired. With this, the interior temperature of the vehicle is well-regulated.

The heater blend door actuator in the Chevrolet Tracker uses an electric motor. Its location is usually on the passenger side of the dashboard. In particular, you’ll find it below the glove box.

What you’ll find is a small black box with a wiring connector and screws. Like other motion devices in Chevy vehicles, the heater blend door actuator connects to a harness. However, note that the device gets signals from the climate control module.

3. Chevrolet Tahoe

2023 Chevrolet Tahoe

Any fan of full-size SUVs will find Chevrolet Tahoe a worthy buy. It’s a classy vehicle, especially the white version. But imagine if users always have to pull the tailgate up and down with their hands. That’ll take away all the class.

Thankfully, Chevrolet improves performance in that aspect with a tailgate actuator. With the motion device, the tailgate still locks manually and securely. But users don’t even need to be near the vehicle. The actuator uses a sensor, so it’s possible to close or open the tailgate with a remote.

Besides the remote (or keyfob), Chevy Tahoe features a switch on the dashboard for controlling the tailgate. The switch also connects to the linear actuator. Hence, you still get first-rate convenience.

One advantage of the tailgate actuators in Chevy Tahoe SUVs is safety. Since they use a sensor, it’s impossible for the vehicle’s tailgate to close by accident. Also, with the gate locked, a burglar will have a hard time trying to pick it open.

Furthermore, the tailgate motion device is easy to install. Should it go wrong at any time, you can replace it without any special tools or skills. Also, the device is somewhat small in size and is electric. Firgelli Automations shares more insights about electric linear actuators.

4. Chevrolet Camaro

2023 Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro is one of the best sports cars from Chevrolet. Sleek is one word that best describes the vehicle, especially its reverse hood feature. The car’s hood lifts, move forward, and opens in reverse at the press of a button. This is thanks to the power reverse hood kit.

Many components make up the kit, including 200-lb linear actuators. As their name says, the devices are primarily produced to hold heavy weight. In particular, the linear motion they generate comes with a force of 200 pounds.

Such high force is suitable for holding not just the car hood but also doors, windows, and trunks. It’s easy to understand, now, why the linear actuator is to the Chevrolet Camaro power reverse hood kit. Notably, certain features further boost the vehicle’s performance.

For example, 200 lb actuators come with varying speeds and stroke lengths. With this, you can adjust the distance the hood travels or how fast it travels. Usually, the devices feature a 5.33-inch retracted length and a 6.53-inch extended length. For the travel speed, it’s typically 0.3 to 2 inches per second.

Bottom Line

Top car manufacturers all over the world employ linear actuators. Chevrolet is a noteworthy example, as the company uses these motion devices to boost performance in many aspects. The vehicles and actuators discussed in this post are only a few examples.

All in all, the actuators benefit both the brand’s reputation and the customers. For instance, the 4WD actuator in the Chevrolet Silverado makes controlling the truck a lot easier. There’s less chance of accidents or other incidents due to mishandling.

Then, there’s the heater blend door actuator that ensures users are comfortable as they drive. Finally, the tailgate and 200-lb hood actuator both allow convenient operation.