10 Best Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350 2023 – Improve The Sound of Your Car

Is your Chevy 350 sound no longer appealing? If yes, we have the best sounding muffler for Chevy 350 in this article for you.

Familiar sounds can be fun for a while and later become boring. We understand this, and so we have described some of the best mufflers below.

These products are promising and will make your entire experience more exciting.

Installing sound mufflers is fascinating for racers and driving enthusiasts. Fixing a sound muffler does not just modify your automobile but delivers many other benefits.

When you install a sound muffler in your vehicle, it improves the engine performance and power. Also, this exhaust system modification is a popular trend today.

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Top Rated Best Sounding Muffler for V8 Truck

What is the best Chevy 350 Sounding muffler?

Cherry Bomb 7425CB is the best sounding muffler for the simple reason that it delivers deep quality sound.

However, other brands like Thrush Super and Flowmaster 953047 are not satisfied with their quality.

Nevertheless, all these products are equally good in regards to their usefulness.

Why Cherry Bomb 7425CB is the best Sounding Chevy Silverado 350 muffler?

Cherry Bomb 7425CB is the brand chosen by us as the best because they are powerful performers and are made with the latest Delta Flow Technology.

As a result, they are incredibly durable and are a great value-addition to your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350 2023

2000 Silverado 5.3 V8 Z71 Thrush Welded Muffler

Your search for the best-sounding muffler has got you in the right place, and we ensure reading this will be prolific. Users often get confused while buying a product for any machine.

And, this chaotic mind leads to bad decisions. So, this article will help in clarifying your purchase and aligning your wants appropriately.

Our review guide includes all the points that assist buyers in obtaining their potential product and simplifies the endeavor.

01. Cherry Bomb 7425CB Extreme Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350 – Best Sounding Muffler for Chevy

Cherry Bomb 7425CB Extreme Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350


If you want a loud and peace-disturbing muffler, the cherry bomb 7425CB is your ideal choice. It is a muffler with a loud sound and can be heard all over your neighborhood.

People who love the deep sound of their engines while driving will surely enjoy using this product. Also, it has a unique design and shape that promotes better functioning and durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly durable product
  • These mufflers produce deep and aggressive sound
  • Ideal for vehicles with high horsepower
  • Clean-painted exterior
  • Comes with delta flow technology

The cherry bomb is one of the loudest mufflers in the exhaust line and has great sounds. Also, it is an ideal pick for the most motor enthusiast and people who like to race.

Moreover, this muffler has aluminized steel that helps in preventing corrosion.

A unique non-reversible flow design promotes high performance for your vehicle. Also, this muffler has a special plate that diverts high-frequency sounds.

Furthermore, it is available in many outlets and inlet sizes to suit your Chevy 350 the best. You can simply install this muffler instead of modifying your automobile with many accessories.

If you want the best sounding muffler for Chevy 350 with a classy grey finish, this is your ideal choice. This muffler has high-quality materials in its components that ensure better performance.

Also, it is convenient to fix and does not necessitate a lot of expertise.

  • It gives a deep sound
  • Clean and elegant look
  • Unique design to boost performance
  • Easy to install
  • Coating may peel-off


02. Thrush Super Durable Welded 17651 – Best Exhaust Muffler for V8 Chevy Truck

Thrush Super Durable Welded 17651


If you want a muffler that gives a deep and aggressive sound tone, this is the best choice. Its unique design and features highlight this product from the rest.

Also, this sound muffler helps in transforming your exhaust system completely. Overall, the premium quality materials aid in supporting performance and giving positive results.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality finishing
  • Customizable construction
  • Delivers deep and aggressive sound
  • Double chamber design
  • Highly durable Aluminized steel-made

This product undergoes welding and has an aluminized steel body that reduces the chances of corrosion. Also, it has a clean silver finish and a thrush logo on it to make the overall appearance more alluring.

To sum up, it is a high-quality metallic finish sound muffler that functions efficiently to impress its users.

Sounding mufflers do not always have a universal design.

Yet, some have a universal fitting, and you can use it in other vehicles with the help of minimal welding. Similarly, this sounding muffler has a customizable construction, making it one of the best sounding mufflers today.

The two-chamber design promotes a deep and impressive tone. It is a unique design with a non-reversible and directional flow that promises better functioning.

The one-directional flow permits the improvement of a vehicle’s performance capacity. Overall, this product is a complete package muffler that benefits users and their surroundings.

  • Aluminized steel gives more durability
  • Aggressive and deep sound tones
  • Metallic finish for higher temperature
  • The unique double chamber design
  • May rattle in some vehicles


03. Flowmaster 953047 3 Inches Super 40 Series Muffler for Chevy 350

Flowmaster 953047 3 Inches Super 40 Series Muffler for Chevy 350


If you wish for a sound muffler that provides excellent sound quality, then the Super 40 muffler will surely meet your expectations.

Its delta flow technology helps in improving the overall sound quality and the performance of your vehicle. Overall, this muffler gives a deep prevailing sound along with other exclusive performance benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • Delta flow technology for low resonance
  • Aluminized steel (16 gauge)
  • Deep and aggressive sound
  • Ideal for vehicles with high horsepower
  • Clean-looking painted exterior

Super 40 is not an ordinary-sounding muffler but delivers exceptional performance for its users. This product is a blend of deep sound.

Also, it produces a low interior resonance because of its Delta flow technology. Lastly, it is a 16-gauge aluminized steel built that ensures durability.

It features a low interior resonance and delivers excellent performance on higher horsepower trucks and vehicles.

Also, it has a deep aggressive sound that is not very loud and is suitable for the human ear. High-quality finish and construction that promises more durability.

This best sounding muffler for Chevy 350 weighs approximately 13 pounds and has a clean-looking painted exterior. Also, it has a unique design to suit each vehicle well and look alluring.

Furthermore, it’s easy to install with simple techniques and needs no expert help. Overall, this sound muffler is user-friendly and easy to use, even if you install it for the first time.

  • Lower inner resonance
  • High-quality and durable structure
  • Delivers a deep, prominent sound
  • Suitable for high horsepower automobiles
  • May deform after constant use

04. Walker 18944 SoundFX Exhaust Muffler for Chevy V8 Truck

Walker 18944 SoundFX Exhaust Muffler for Chevy V8 Truck


Super turbo exhaust has a unique coating and finishing that aids in better performance. Also, this coating helps to absorb all the additional moisture and maintain performance tone.

Overall, it is a highly durable muffler that has exceptional features and benefits to assist its users.

Highlighted Features

  • Low interior resonance
  • Universal fit
  • High-quality material-made
  • Highly durable
  • Delivers a deep tone
  • Excellent functionality

Precisely chosen material and coatings help in delivering low interior resonance and deliver higher performance.

Its design reduces turbulence and directs the channel exhaust flow. Also, the structure is universal and can fit into various vehicles with simple welding or fabrication.

However, taking expert help for installation will always be beneficial and prevent unnecessary issues.

Vast flow tubes promote better exhaust flow and help in eliminating backpressure. To get desirable results, you can use accessories while installing this best sounding muffler for v8 truck to upgrade your exhaust system.

The high-quality materials help in improving the performance of an automobile as well. Overall, it is a powerful performer who gives a deep and hoarse sound to your Chevy 350.

The use of aluminized steel for construction reduces the chances of corrosion and prevents moisture collection inside the system.

Also, the solid structure promises more durability and a longer life even in adverse conditions. It has fiberglass and other materials that improve performance and lower resonance.

  • Delivers a hoarse exhaust tone
  • Heavy-duty muffler with long life
  • High-quality functioning
  • Impressive construction and finishing
  • May need welding to fit


05. Walker Exhaust Muffler SoundFX 18823 for Chevy V8

Walker Exhaust Muffler SoundFX 18823 for Chevy V8


One of the primary features that highlight this product from the rest is its durability. So, if you want a durable and sturdy muffler, this is your ideal pick.

However, other impressive benefits also make this sound muffler convenient for use. High-quality components are used to generate this product and deliver exclusive usage advantages.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty muffler
  • Highly compatible
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Ensures contraction and expansion
  • Internal tubes for draining and doesn’t retain moisture

It is a heavy-duty muffler that is built from aluminized steel to prevent corrosion. Also, it has internal tubes that permit drainage and avoid moisture collection inside.

Well-organized partitions and pipes ensure expansion and contraction of metal to eliminate distortion and thereby improve product life.

Overall, these high-quality components aid in the future and enhance product life.

This sound muffler gives a factory-like sound tone and ensures that a user does not face difficulties operating it. Its well-planned mechanism ensures to provide no space for complaints.

By installing this muffler, you will get more power and excellent performance.

Fixing and installing the muffler is not very difficult, and you can complete it without any expert help. Also, the size is universal and fits all vehicles.

However, some may require little welding to ensure a safe fitting. Fixing the muffler well is highly essential.
  • It sounds perfect and smooth
  • Long-lasting muffler
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Expands or contracts when needed
  • Wrong fitting will cause leaking


06. MagnaFlow 4X4 inches Round Center Performance Muffler

MagnaFlow 4X4 inches Round Center Performance Muffler


MagnaFlow exhaust products have plenty of reasons to be perfect. The company ensures keen engineering that helps in making a vehicle’s overall performance better and sounds excellent.

Also, this product includes high-quality materials that promise a perfect fit and experience for the user. So, if you want a durable muffler that delivers a positive performance, this could be your ideal choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers deep tone sound
  • High strength stainless steel-made
  • Great Performance booster
  • High-quality parts
  • Quality polishing and coating enhances the appearance

It has a fully reversible and free-flowing straight stainless-steel structure that delivers a deep smooth tone for your Chevy 350.

Also, the entire mechanism has premium quality fibers and stainless-steel wraps that support better functioning. Furthermore, it has a polishing with even coatings for a better appearance.

Fixing this muffler may not be easy and convenient for all. So, the MagnaFlow company recommends users take expert assistance while installing this sound muffler.

Also, it needs precise cutting and welding that only individuals with automobile knowledge can perform smoothly. If the fit is not apt, you may not get results.

On installing this sound muffler, you can assure yourself of safer drives and better experiences. The entire functioning of it depends on advanced technology and high-quality components.

Also, this company is trusted and known for years, which enables better authenticity and reliability.

  • Sounds great and not loud
  • Fine mechanism and functioning
  • Boosts overall performance
  • Premium-quality components
  • Manual installation is difficult


07. Borla 40842S S-Type Super Strong Exhaust Muffler for Chevy Silverado Truck

Borla 40842S S-Type Super Strong Exhaust Muffler for Chevy Silverado Truck


It is one of the best sounding mufflers for v8 truck, manufactured with precise engineering to deliver exhaust emissions and generate internal power. Also, it has premium quality stainless steel that does not rust for life-long.

Durability plays a vital role in sound mufflers’ functioning, and Borla S-Type focuses well on this sector. Overall, this muffler is a complete package and a user-friendly product, and cost-efficient as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Reversible design
  • Great finishing
  • Suitable for every vehicle
  • Deep bass and loud sound
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency

Borla S-Type is a perfect sound muffler if you want to install it in a limited area. The design is reversible, and this product is simple to install.

Also, its free-flow design and technology permit better performance and sound control. Furthermore, the muffler provides excellent fuel economy and improves horsepower capably.

One of the most highlighting features of this muffler is the reversible design. It has a unique design that helps in better installing and does not create difficulty for users.

Also, it has a fine silver polish coating that looks stunning and improves appearance. Overall, it has a unique and suitable design that boosts performance.

Borla S-Type is suitable for all vehicles; however, for some, cutting and fabrication are essential. Overall, it is a great performer that works well in street racing and has an impressive sound to grab the viewers’ attention.

  • Loud, deep bass like sound
  • Brilliant at providing fuel economy
  • Unique reversible design
  • Premium quality material
  • May be expensive
  • Needs fabrication for some vehicles


08. Borla 400844 Heavy-duty Sbc Super Hot Exhaust Muffler for Chevy 350

Borla 400844 Heavy-duty Sbc Super Hot Exhaust Muffler for Chevy 350


Yet another stunning Borla-sounding muffler is this Crate muffler. This muffler is not just impressive but is precisely built to optimize sound and overall performance.

Also, it is a non-reversible directional muffler that may require some expert help for installation. You can rely on this muffler for high performance and positive results.

Highlighted Features

  • Boosts overall vehicle performance
  • Built with premium quality stainless steel
  • Deep and stunning sound
  • Advanced computer-optimized control
  • Great fitting without lots of effort

Identifying the outlet is essential to install the muffler properly and boost the overall vehicle act.

Also, it has a directional flow that helps deliver a deep custom sound that appeals well to its users. Furthermore, this flow helps in improving experience and performance as well.

One of the most prominent materials is the high-quality stainless steel that lasts for a lifetime. Also, it has a computer-optimized control that permits better fitting with minimal effort.

Borla Crate Muffler is not just a durable product but an excellent performer. Overall, it is a modern muffler that functions to deliver complete ease to its users.

This muffler is a power booster that gives you a stunningly deep and aggressive sound to rock the streets.

Also, it is an ideal pick for racers and enthusiasts that want to improve their Chevy 350 engine‘s performance. Installation is not very easy and may require a slight amendment to fit well and operate correctly.

  • Loud and stunning sound
  • Top-quality mechanism and design
  • Modern computerized control
  • A promising performance booster
  • Manual installation is difficult
  • The coating may not last-long

09. Flowmaster 853548 Super Quality 40 Series Muffler for Silverado V8 Trucks

Flowmaster 853548 Super Quality 40 Series Muffler for Silverado V8 Trucks


If you are looking for a sound muffler that delivers deep, powerful sound, then this is your perfect product. The Delta technology ensures to provide the world’s best performance and great sound for its users.

Also, it has fine construction and mechanism that makes this muffler a high-quality product. Overall, it is a sturdy muffler that functions perfectly.

Highlighted Features

  • Low internal resistance and high performance
  • Premium quality product
  • Deep sound
  • Uses Delta Flow technology
  • Dyno tuned feature

Its mechanism ensures low internal resistance and high performance with the directional flow.

Also, the dyno tuned feature helps to maximize potential and take full benefit from this sounding muffler. So, if you want a sound muffler that impresses you with performance and sound, this is your perfect pick.

Installing this muffler will not be difficult if you have a brief knowledge about your Chevy 350 and its functioning.

However, if you do not know the mechanism, you may need expert help installing it well. Properly fixing your muffler is vital. If you fail to do so, you may not get the desired results.

High-quality components are used to create this tough and durable-sounding muffler. Strength and durability matter the most to give you complete safety while you drive.

Also, it has a unique design that fits appropriately and maximizes overall performance.

  • Premium quality sound muffler
  • Functions on Delta Flow technology
  • Maximizes vehicle performance capacity
  • Delivers a deep astounding sound
  • It is not very durable
  • May rust after some years


10. TOTALFLOW 515443 Two-Chamber Universal Exhaust Muffler for Chevy V8 350

TOTALFLOW 515443 Two-Chamber Universal Exhaust Muffler for Chevy V8 350


Totalflow company provides a variety of sound mufflers to cater to each user’s sound needs. One such brilliant muffler that they produce is this two-chamber muffler. This product fits well and is simple to install, even manually.

Also, it has a variety of benefits and features to make your entire experience worthy.

Highlighted Features

  • Unique design and functioning
  • Delivers deep sound
  • High-quality parts
  • Reduces resonance efficiently
  • Absorbs moisture (because made with aluminized stainless steel)
  • Fine polishing offers great appearance

With precise work and engineering, this sound muffler is constructed for users. Unique designs and functions help to deliver distinct sounds ranging from insignificant to powerful tones.

Also, the aluminized steel coating helps in reducing resonance and improving overall performance.

TotalFlow ensures that this product is budget-friendly and does not compromise on quality in any way. Also, it has high-quality components that will fit and serve your Chevy 350 for quite a few years.

This product is built from aluminized stainless steel to absorb moisture. Lastly, it has fine polishing that gives a decent look and improves appearance.

Two-chamber sound muffler has a universal fit and fits in all vehicles with ease and simple welding.

You may require expert help if you are fitting a sound muffler with no prior experience.

Also, seek help if it involves cutting and fabrication to fit. Overall, it is suitable for your Chevy 350 and boosts its performance efficiently.

  • Deliver a deep smooth sound
  • Impressive functioning and mechanism
  • Cost-efficient and pocket-friendly muffler
  • Efficiently reduces resonance
  • Might need fabrication to fit


Common FAQs for the Best Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350

Does a muffler change sound?

Yes, they change the sound, but the tone depends on the type of muffler you use.

Exhaust systems usually deepen the sound that your original engine produces and give a hoarse and aggressive sound in return. Obviously, the best sounding muffler for v8 truck forces or reduces the gases that pass through the chambers.

Further, this restriction forces sound waves and thereby creates a deep sound tone from your engine.

Which is the most aggressive-sounding muffler?

The Flowmaster company produces one of the most aggressive-sounding mufflers. Also, they have a range of mufflers to suit a user’s need and meet their sound tone expectations accordingly.

Aggressive sound is ideal for street racing, early muscle cars, and a dual exhaust cruiser.

Will muffler damage my engine?

A sounding muffler usually does not damage your engine but provides more low-end power. However, if you fail to install the muffler correctly, it can cause damage and air leaks.

So, ensure you fix it well and do not leave any space for future problems.

Does removing a muffler improve horsepower?

Comparing four Cherry Bomb mufflers on my Chevy Silverado - Sound Test 5.3L V8

If your exhaust system is silent, your horsepower will increase. Removing mufflers indeed increases horsepower because of its mechanism.

However, one must understand that the exhaust system becomes louder in return if you remove it.

Is driving with a broken muffler safe?

Driving with a sounding muffler that has a crack or leaking is not safe. It is because it releases harmful fumes into the vehicle’s ventilation system.

Also, your muffler helps in removing toxic carbon monoxide from your car. And in case of damage, this gas will accumulate inside and cause harm.

Is a MagnaFlow subtle than the Flowmaster?

Yes, the MagnaFlow is silent and subtle in comparison to the Flowmaster.

It is because MagnaFlow has a lower sound level than that of the Flowmaster. Also, Flowmaster is known for its hoarse and aggressive sound tones.

So, if you want a more elusive sound, you can opt for MagnaFlow. Whereas for a deep and loud sound, go for Flowmaster.

Are two-chamber mufflers louder than a single outlet?

If you think that a two-chamber-sounding muffler will sound louder than a single one of the same types, then you are undoubtedly wrong.

A single muffler sounds almost equal to two mufflers as the volume and pressure inside are nearly identical. There could be a slight difference but overall, the mufflers sound pretty similar.

Is a stainless-steel muffler better?

2000 Silverado 5.3 V8 Z71 Thrush Welded Muffler Install

Various companies are providing stainless steel-sounding mufflers today. And factually, these heavy gauge mufflers are better sounding and lasting than those with two thin sheets.

Also, this material prevents corrosion and helps in controlling the sound. There are several benefits of stainless steel, and one of the more vital factors is more extended life.

If you install a stainless-steel-sounding muffler, you will not have to worry about changing it for a long time.

How durable is an aluminized exhaust?

If you are using your vehicle only for short trips and not long journeys, your exhaust will not frequently heat. Because of this, moisture is trapped inside it, which leads to corrosion.

Aluminized steel lasts for about 4 to 5 years in total in moderate climatic conditions. If your surrounding is dry, then it lasts for 8 to 10 years.

Final Words

Undoubtfully, the best sounding muffler for v8 truck can benefit your vehicle and give you safer drives every day. Selecting an ideal-sounding muffler might still be a little confusing for you.

However, first, ensure you analyze all the aspects that you want in your ideal muffler. By this, you will be able to simplify your entire purchase and make benefit from it.

There are various features, aspects, and specifications that you must study before making any purchase. We recommend choosing a muffler that is deep and smooth in tone and is not very loud.

Also, check for durability and the quality of materials used in the sounding muffler. By this, you will ensure a profitable investment and will not have to change your muffler frequently.

Moreover, this factor is essential because poor quality is prone to damage and leads to severe risks. This article includes the best sounding muffler for Chevy 350 and contains products of reliable brands only.

Go through each description well to get a perfect muffler that delivers the sound you expect. We suggest selecting a sounding muffler that is promising and sturdy.

Select your ideal sounding muffler from this list and give your vehicle the power boost it needs.

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