How to Replace Ignition Switch: Swapping the Ignition Switch

Do you know how to replace ignition switch?

If you do, then you are well placed ahead of people lacking this experience.

On the other side, if you don’t, then this DIY-guide post is a blessing that will make it possible for you to accomplish this task.

A car’s ignition switch is an important component that ensures the engine operates normally and, most importantly, gives you a sound driving experience.

As such, it’s vital to be armed with insights on how to replace a flawed one.

As a driver, you want to start your car and in most cases, this involves inserting and turning on the key. But most of us don’t know many aspects involving the working of an ignition switch.

To be a pro at replacing an ignition switch correctly, one needs to learn basic aspects about this vital car accessory.

This “how to do” post reveals vital insights and other tips that ensure this part of the car works at the best level.

Making you drive experience best is our core value. All info available here is correct and updated to ensure you get back on the road fast if the ignition switch fails.

Without further ado, let’s kick start by learning what an ignition switch…….

What is an ignition switch?

Most car users think that the ignition switch is used to install the key and thus start a vehicle.

Not at all. But what is the task of the ignition switch? An ignition switch is a much complicated electrical accessory that operates a car engine starter system.

Also, it is concerned with controlling the supply of electricity to most car devices.

In terms of design, ignition switches come in diverse modes that are selected for things like gadgets. For gadgets, there are entertainment and only lights.

All this ensures that all car accessories are powered and transfer power for starting vehicles.

Also, there are security accessories set-up on the ignition switches that don’t allow vehicles to start without the original key.

All this works where the push-button ignition is needed for the right transmission of the signal.

Like we have seen, a functioning ignition switch is essential for the proper operation of vehicles. Without a proper functioning one, vehicles will not be effective and efficient in terms of operating.

Different car models come with different types of ignition switches. Knowing the right one for your car is essential when you’re looking to buy the best one.

Get more info about ignition switch by reading the later parts of this DIY post…….

What does the ignition switch do?

A very core car component that allows the engine to run.

But in the real sense, what is an ignition switch? An ignition switch is a vital car component that is required for the efficient operation of cars.

Situated on the steering wheel’s column area, an ignition switch requires a key to be inserted and switched to power a vehicle. To control the engine, you need to insert the key and proceed to switch it from off to on.

After this, the engine produces a ramming sign to notify its power. Most current vehicles have keys that come with an in-built chip for communicating with the car’s personal computer.

If you are familiar with current tech innovation, you will notice that most of today’s manufactured cars don’t use keys to turn the ignition switch.

Hybrid cars use a remote controller which directly communicates with the computer and notifies it, you are the right person to power the car.

Once this link and communication have been achieved, the car should be able to start effectively.

Also, when you reach the end of your journey, reverse the former action to switch off the car.

In most cases, a faulty ignition switch is caused by wearing out of internal accessories. Also, it could be due to wearing out of keys or a faulty key fob chip.

How to Replace Ignition Switch: Re-installing the Ignition Switch

An ignition switch is usually situated at the back of the key cylinder. Here is where you install the car key to start the engine.

To replace a flawed ignition switch, you require to be armed with the following tools…

  • Screwdrivers
  • Sockets
  • A memory saver

All these tools ensure replacing an ignition switch is super easy and can be handled conveniently by a single person.

If you lack one of these tools, you can find them at nearby electronics and electrical shop outlets.

Let’s now look at the process involved with replacing an ignition switch…..

Step 1

Start by parking the car and turn the ignition off. Stopping the car engine and having the car parked at a convenient parking area is important.

Set the memory saver gadget as stipulated by the original manufacturer’s user guide.

Use the memory saver tool to store information and also curb issues relating to memory loss. Also, the use of a memory saver helps to curb future issues involving drivability.

Un-install the –ve clamp bolt of the car battery. Ensure that the cable is effectively removed from the cable and place it in a convenient place to avoid accidents.

Step 2

Proceed to remove the screws that secure the lower steering cover column. In most cases, there are 3 or 4 screws that secure the bottom cover column.

If you own a vehicle that uses a dash installed ignition switch, then it’s paramount to un-install the dash panel. Locate this by searching for it around the key lock cylinder and access the switch.

Separate the lower cover column from the upper one and for best removal, the two are clipped tightly at the place of contact.

Start by smoothly removing them and avoid any breakages.

Another way to achieve this is to tilt the steering column upside or downside to have better access. Un-install the upper side steering column.

Step 3

Find the location of the ignition switch and it’s found behind the ignition key cylinder area.

Beware: If the car has airbags, it’s crucial to locate the wiring of these safety gadgets. Usually, the wiring of airbags is found underside the cover.

To identify airbag wiring, check for the yellow cover and take precautions when working. Doing so will prevent accidental deployment of the vehicle airbag.

If possible, uninstall the key lock cylinder. Importantly, it’s wise to recall there are different car makes and each comes with its instructions for removing this gadget.

You will find some bolted while others can be un-installed by setting up the key and making it go in the run position.

Proceed to pull the cylinder out and ensure you follow all guidelines provided in the manufacturer’s manual.

Step 4

Embark on removing the electric connector found in the ignition switch.

Start by gently removing the ignition switch that is to be replaced. Recognize that some are bolted together while others use lock tabs that need to be pressed to open the lock switch.

Set-up the new switch and ensure it’s anchored firmly. Also, confirm and ensure that the electrical connector is anchored in place conveniently.

Beware: Since ignition switches come in diverse forms, some need to be aligned before they can be installed in place.

Step 5

Next, anchor the car key cylinder. Proceed to set-up the upper cover steering column and in case the dashboard was uninstalled, it’s high time you anchored it back.

Now, set-up the lower side column cover and snap it to anchor tightly. Set in place the screws of the lower cover and ensure they are tightened.

Step 6

Now, replacing an ignition switch is almost done and it’s high time to set-up the battery negative cable.

Ensure that the clamp bolts are tightened till they snug. Lastly, un-install the car memory saver to complete everything.

Important Replacement Insights

A car’s ignition switch is the core part of the electrical system and ensures that future malfunctioning is prevented.

Since there are different car makes, each comes with its method of replacing an ignition switch.

Ideal testing ought to be conducted before embarking on replacing one. A certified mechanic is a right person for replacing this vital car component.

Also, we recommended drivers and car owners always follow the guidelines found in the user manual when making replacements for ignition switches.

How to Find the Issues: Bad Ignition Switch Symptoms

Since a car ignition switch is used often, it’s prevalent for them to start getting worn-out.

As such, it becomes essential to check for symptoms that show an ignition switch is flawing.

By knowing the symptoms of a faulty ignition switch, you better handle the situation and know if it’s essential to replace it or not.

Some notable signs of obsolete ignition switches include……

Stalling of a car while driving

A common symptom that shows your car ignition switch is faulty is stalling of the vehicle whilst the driver is driving.

If the car starts to stall while being driven, the issue may lead to power cuts.

Shortage of power affects the ignition area and the fuel system. When it’s running, stalling of the car is one of the first signs to look for in case the ignition switch is bad.

In most cases, depending on the malfunctioned area, the car can or may fail to be restarted. Always rectify this issue once you have noticed it to avoid future inconveniences.

The vehicle starts and then stalls all of sudden

Another prevalent issue with a bad ignition switch is starting and stalling the car suddenly.

In case the ignition switch starts to get obsolete while at “on” position, the vehicle will usually run and then suddenly stall.

Remember the “on” position is concerned with powering the ignition and fuel system.

In most cases witnessed, the ignition switch supplies power momentarily to the fuel and ignition system when set at cranking position.

For the car to start, this has to happen. Remember, when the car fails while at “on” position, it will deliver less power to the fuel and ignition systems.

Issues relating to powering car accessories

A faulty ignition switch will usually have problems when powering car accessories.

To power cars’ accessories, the key should be turned to the “acc” stand. After that, power will be directed to power accessories for effective operation.

When you turn the ignition key on and the car accessories do not light, then there is a fault with the ignition switch.

Another area that can lead to this menace happens when there is a fault with the lock cylinder.

One of the most used switches in the automotive sector is the ignition switches. Like all electrical accessories, ignition switches are prone to wearing out, and repairing them is essential.

As such, it’s wise to be prepared in case one fails. Remember, having the best in condition car provides security and the best driving experience.

If you are faced with the above-mentioned flaws, then the ignition switch could have deteriorated.

Consult a professional mechanic who will scan the ignition and return it to its former state.

Tips form Expert

Remember, consulting a professional mechanic is not free. In most cases, they will charge a fee, but it’s a worthwhile venture to ensure cars operate at the best levels.

Replacing flawed ignition switches is an option to consider if you are faced with these symptoms.

A good place to buy a flawed ignition switch is the Amazon website and ensure that it complements the car model you are using.

What happens when your ignition switch goes bad?

An ignition Key is vital for proper and efficient operating of the car to happen. But what happens when the ignition key flaws.

Let’s look at some notable issues that occur when the ignition switch flaws. By knowing these issues, it’s possible to locate the area of damage and thus take the right measure.

Failure of the car engine to start

A common issue that is notable with a failing ignition switch is the failure of the car to start. Failure to start can be due to:

  • Malfunctioning in the anti-theft system
  • A faulty circuit
  • A flaw around the ignition circuit
  • A fault in the car engine computer
  • A faulty in the fuel pump area

A problem removing car key

Mostly, this menace occurs when the binding of the steering column key lock fails to work probably. If this fails, automotive experts recommend that you try to jiggle the steering wheel front and back.

Continue doing this until a clickable sound is felt. In most cases, this should work and if it fails, a potential problem in the column lock system is prevalent.

If the ignition switch has flawed, the car engine will continue to run even after removing the key.

Failure of the starter motor to respond

When turning the key and the starter motor fails to respond, then the ignition switch doesn’t lock as it should. A common issue is the failure of the car battery to power the starter motor accessory.

To scan and correct this flaw, check if all car accessories are working normally. If the key is inserted on the ignition and is on, check and confirm if the windows open and close.

Car engine fails after starting

A common problem that shows potential damage to the ignition switch. In most cases, there could be worn-out accessories in the ignition switch, leading to loss of voltage.

Heat and vibrations are the major causes of this problem. As such, loss of power makes the engine misfire and thus not respond to power.

All these issues will reveal probable damage to the car ignition switch. If you are not a pro, hire an expert who will repair this part of the car effectively for reliable driveability.

But if you follow all the insights that we are detailing in this blog, you can be able to replace the ignition switch conveniently.

What is the main function of an ignition safety switch?

Most car accessories usually function based on the intentions they were made to do. An ignition safety switch is a vital car accessory that protects it from prevalent damage issues.

Regardless of the car’s make, ignition safety switches play the same role.

In terms of functionality, an ignition safety switch helps to prevent accidents and thus save a life. As such, it crucial to have this tool performing at the best level to harness safety.

Ignition safety switches work by completely shutting off the Honda, or other car makes.

For this to happen, the driver needs to fall off the PWC or has been removed away from the right car sitting position.

In these scenarios, the operator is faced with the risk of injuries and can result in death. Importantly, it becomes crucial to arm yourself with a great and functional ignition safety switch.

From preserving life to avoiding the cost associated with visiting a hospital in the case of an accident, the benefit of having this tool are many.

We recommend people to always buy ignition safety switches that correspond to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ignition Switch Replacement Cost

What are the cost estimates involved with replacing an ignition switch? Here is the cost associated with replacing a faulty ignition switch.

  • Cost of buying an ignition switch – $70 to $100
  • Cost of hiring a professional mechanic – $75 to $160
  • The total cost of replacing an ignition switch $145 to $ 260

Ideally, the cost of replacing this vital car tool is determined by the make of the car. Also, the key condition determines the cost.

Above, we have shown the average cost associated with replacing cars’ ignition switch.

If you know how to replace one, this cost will be less. But in case you decide to hire an expert mechanic, expect the overall cost to get high.

If the key fails to turn, the cost will surpass the above-estimated cost and rise to about $400.

For example, if the security system is linked directly to the ignition switch, then additional labor costs will be incurred. In this scenario, further programming is prevalent to recode keys effectively.

Remarkably, it wise to keep in mind that, the pricing of these vital car accessories will be dictated by purchase location and the make of the car.

A good avenue to compare prices and get the best is Openbay or the Amazon website.

Remember, if you live outside in a different country to purchase an ignition switch, you will be required to pay shipping fees.


As we have seen, ignition switches are core to the overall operation of vehicles’.

We can’t avoid the fact that these gadgets are prone to wearing out and as such, it’s wise to know the symptoms of a faulty ignition switch.

When an ignition switch faults, some notable signs are electrical issues, failure to deliver power to the engine, and the common stalling problem.

When faced with these issues, you need to replace the ignition switch immediately.

A thing we can’t deny is the importance of having the best in the condition ignition switch. From getting the best drive experience to having the best security and a reliable car a 100% functioning ignition switch is priceless.

We don’t know your experience with these gadgets but keeping them at the best level is crucial. Always count on us for insights into the world of automotive by following or review blogs.

We pride being the best in the business and we never late down our readers. All our review posts including the guides are rich in content that will make your life better.

Never should you stall on the road or fail to power your car engine.

Follow all the above-mentioned insights and your life will be the best. Remember, we got you anytime.