12 Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500 2023 – Auto Care & Maintenance

There are so many things you can do to improve the performance of your pickup truck. One of them is to acquire the new best tires for Chevy Silverado 1500.

If that sounds like a thing, continue reading this article to find out the ten best all-terrain tires for Chevy Silverado 1500. Well, we are not after low price tires.

Our goal is to get the best tires for Silverado 1500. But it is fine to save more on quality tires. You will learn to shop for the best tires if you read to the end of this article.

Chevy Silverado is America’s top workhorse. For decades, it has helped Americans cruise and enjoy life.

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Expert’s Choice Best Tires for Silverado 1500 All Season

Comparatively, the quality of your Chevy tires is relative to performance. Therefore, a Silverado 1500 will perform better with good tires.

However, how to take sir out of tire Silverado; the most common queries, we will also answer this question.

What are the best Chevy Silverado tires?

For those who are looking for the best tires for Chevy Silverado, we believe they can undoubtedly trust the brands such as the Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tires, Nexen Roadian AT Pro, etc.

However, there are also alternate options like Goodyear Wrangler Radial and Milestar Patagonia Mud-Terrain Tires which are equally good in quality according to us.

Why Nexen Roadian & Falken are the best choices for Chevy Silverado?

Nexen Roadian AT Pro & Falken AT3W is chosen by us are the best tires for the Chevy Silverado because of their stunning features. Furthermore, some features like the dual block, reinforced, and wide shoulder design increase the tires’ stability, durability, and stiffness.

Besides, the tread design in these tires helps to prevent accidents and the Falken ATW3 tires come with heat dispeller technology which keeps the inner chamber cool.

Top Picks Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500

Don’t be afraid of rough roads when you drive a Chevy. With the best tires, all roads are for you to travel. Without much ado, below are the ten best all-terrain tires for Chevy Silverado 1500.

1. Nexen Roadian AT Pro All-Season Radial Tire – Good Drive on Light Terrain

Nexen Roadian AT Pro All-Season Radial Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Upgraded performance
  • All-weather product
  • Reinforced shoulder visors
  • A good drive on light terrain
  • Acceptable noise levels
  • Very durable

Such is the amazing engineering of the dual block design, which prevents gravel damage. Nexen Roadian uses a dual steel belt to increase your Chevy truck’s load capacity. Driving on these tires is smooth and allows your vehicle to handle any road challenges. Nexen Roadian AT Pro tires ensures top performance.

It delivers superior performance, durability, and retread-ability. The dual block design technology ensures safety and is long-lasting. Nexen Roadian AT, the best tires for Silverado 1500, uses cutting-edge technology to help your tires withstand all road challenges. The Reinforced Shoulder Repair gives the motoring public a better option of tires that can withstand exposure to all kinds of terrain for tire reliability and repair tolerance.

With this feature, you are no longer perturbed about the effect of repair on your tire in the case of small punctures or injuries. Your tire must be exceptionally good to survive rough road drive. Your tires are optimized for strength, enhanced performance, and traction with a Staggered Center Rib tech design.

Driving on Nexen Roadian AT Pro tires offers solid bites for on-road and off-road uses. A bar rib tire has the perfect grip on the road to cruise with pride with solid rubber circumferential. Nexen Roadian features a wider shoulder black design to enhance stiffness, increase stability and make it durable. Such tire technology allows your vehicle to ply all roads in all-season.

Using a wider shoulder block design, the best tires for Silverado 1500 offer optimal braking performance and reduces braking distance. Interestingly, this feature allows your vehicle to travel faster and more stable.

  • A good drive on light terrain
  • Dependable in dry and wet terrain, including use in snow
  • Ride and noise comfort is not bad
  • Reasonable price
  • Fuel efficiency could be slightly better


2. Falken Wildpeak All Season Radial Tire

Falken Wildpeak All Season Radial Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Highly durable
  • Safeguards tires from sharp rocks
  • Better traction
  • In-built heat dispeller technology
  • Protects against road hazards

Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires feature a support ramp with tread-pattern rigidity for stability and control. In addition, the design prevents stones from getting stuck in the tires’ grooves. In a nutshell, the hallmark of this Falken feature is to provide durable tires with hydroplane resistance.

Technically, Falken Tires are designed for toughness, optimum performance in low pressure, and the ability to cruise off-roads. Research shows that most tires begin to have problems from the upper sidewall.

Such is the aggressive upper sidewall technology of Falken Wildpeak AT3w Tires. It protects the tire against sharp rocks with offset shoulder blocks to offer off-road traction, even when the tire press is low. The design features a secondary bead apex to shield surrounding heat to protect the case inside. Structurally, the internal cooling allows you to drive with confidence.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a heat diffuser per excellence. With heat dispeller technology, the tires’ lower sidewalls diffuse heat to keep the inner chamber safe. Also, with internal cooling protection at work, the tires maintain absolute coolness.

Such benefits help a heavily laden vehicle traveling at high speed avoid any critical tire issues. With the confidence of silica tread compound technology, Falken tires offer up to two years tread life warranty.

Its amazing tread wear design delivers superior wear life and season performance. Thus, the hazard protection extends to road hazards that affect the tires. Confidently, Falken tires offer a free tire replacement from its authorized dealers. Ideally, offering such assurance is derived from confidence in its cutting-edge technology.

  • Excellent performance on-road and off-road
  • Navigates with ease in dry and wet terrain
  • Extremely robust tread construction
  • Can easily drive through ice and snow
  • Doesn’t navigate softer terrain that well


3. BFGoodrich T/A KO2 All-Terrain Tire

BFGoodrich T_A KO2 All-Terrain Tire

Highlighted Feature

  • Enhanced performance
  • Highly durable
  • In-built CoreGuard technology protects the tires
  • Suitable for traveling in gravel, dirt, or mud
  • Offers great traction on any road

BFGoodrich understands the benefits of Tougher Sidewall Rubber in tires and built this all-terrain tire using CoreGard Technology. Technically, the technology helps prevent splits and bruises to the tires. Additionally, each BFGoodrich tire has increased rubber thickness, which benefits the sidewall for increased protection.

Never will such tire suffer sidewall failure. BFGoodrich tires will never split, as is common with tires without the tech. Essentially, BFGoodrich tires deliver performance, longevity, and toughness. Hence, its specially formulated tread rubber is optimally blended to trim down on-chip and tear.

Thus, riding on BFGoodrich tires will confidently drive you on the gravel road. With an advanced footprint shape, the tires offer balanced stress distribution for even wear. You should expect stability, optimal traction, and tread cleanout while driving with BFGoodrich Tires.

When your tires are designed with upper sidewall traction bars, you can confidently travel in mud, gravel, and dirt. For optimal control in loose soil, the upper sidewall design makes the sides of your tires protrude to feel bigger and flatter.

Thus, while driving in mud-terrain, the shoulder tread area raised bars to release compacted mud to boost traction. Its mud-phobic Bars design is excellently positioned to ease your way out of muddy terrain with confidence. Soft soils are scary terrain for all vehicles.

But driving a truck with the best all-terrain tires for Chevy Silverado 1500should increase your confidence to drive. By integrating top-rated mud-terrain tire technology, serrated shoulder design increase mud, rock, and snow traction. No matter the road challenge, your tires in the low-pressure drive will wiggle out of any terrain unscathed.

  • Enhanced rigidity and toughness
  • Balance rate of wearing
  • Great traction, maneuvering, braking, and cornering performance
  • Above-average tread wear performance
  • Excellent traction in deep snow conditions
  • Noise reduction needs more improvement


4. Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT Radial Tire

Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT Radial Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Upgraded tread life
  • Durable tires for all road conditions
  • Great traction
  • Enhanced driving experience
  • Works great even on slippery roads

Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner’s interlocking tread blocs technology is the secret when desiring strong on-road and durable off-road tires. In addition, it offers all-terrain travel with rugged off-road drivability. TrailRunner by Goodyear will get you through dry and wet terrain with optimal traction.

Be assured of a decent off-road grip to get you through the most rugged and challenging road without stress to you or your vehicle. If you drive a Chevy, find the Best Tires for Silverado 1500 All Season with all-terrain durability. Tires design technology continues to offer versatile solutions to wear and tear experienced during rough terrain rides.

With the Enhanced Tread Life solution, Wrangler has solved the problem of quick turnover of tires. Using tires with an enhanced tread life helps to quieten the noise while driving on-road. In addition, the feature helps to go smoothly off-road with peace of mind.

When you have to replace tires sooner, find tires with this feature. Considering that most Chevy owners spend more time on the highways, this feature will bring peace of mind to many. Trucks with all-season performance tires offer a whole new experience when driving on-road and off-road.

Goodyear Wrangler multi-angle sipes tires offer great traction with an all-season experience. You will appreciate the cool features of a larger interlocking tread design for a durable drive on any terrain. With a better grip and control, you are provided the flexibility to maneuver across all roads.

Riding without good traction kills performance. Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner tires provide the grip in mud and snow for safe driving. By using a stepped shoulder design, the tires are all-weather suited.

  • Good off-road traction on most terrain
  • On-road dry/wet traction and handling
  • Better than average ride quality
  • Not the best in deep mud


5. Kumho Road Venture Radial AT51 All-Terrain Tire

Kumho Road Venture Radial AT51 All-Terrain Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers world-class performance
  • Ensures smooth ride
  • Offers excellent traction
  • Enhanced Fuel efficiency
  • Doesn’t create a lot of noise

Kumho AT51 All-Terrain tires featuring multiple gripping edges with tapered treaded block deliver the self-cleaning and free of mud. With an internal construction design, Kumho features twin steel belts spirally wrapped in nylon for reinforcement. Essentially, its jointless bead bundles with a two-ply polyester core allow it to travel on bumps seamlessly. Using ESCOT casing technology, Kumho AT51 All-Terrain tires offer better steering control and tread life for durability.

With variable-pitch tread blocks and symmetric tread design, Kumho can reduce road harmonics considerably. Using the advanced silica technology in AT51 All-Terrain tires, Kumho guarantees all-season travel. When you drive on ice, the tire will resist freezing and maintains a firm grip on the road. Thus, the tires allow for optimal traction and great control whether driving in the wet or dry season.

When driving in heavy weather, AT51 All-Terrain tire’s deep central grooves disperse rain and snow fast. Super traction and excellent performance are guaranteed with the Kumho AT51 All-Terrain tires. With hydroplaning resistance, a vehicle with these tires will maintain a firm patch on the road even in a pool of water.

Traction is maintained, and it’s never lost on wet or icy terrains. But, as the tread wears, you may experience a change in performance. With dual silica compound, Kumho AT51 All-Terrain tires experience faster cool and even wear.

When navigating through off-road terrain, the tires resist flying objects and prevent them from damaging your vehicle. You should expect better grip, optimal control, and good performance when driving in off-road terrain.

  • Top-notch off-road performance
  • Comfortable and stable driving on dry roads
  • Terrific traction on wet roads
  • Superior traction on ice/snow and even on mud
  • It features self-cleaning action
  • Shorter tread life, a few reviewers think the tire’s tread wears fast


6. Goodyear Wrangler Radial SR-A Tire

Goodyear Wrangler Radial SR-A Tire

Highlighted Features

  • All-weather tires
  • Offers excellent control and traction
  • Highly durable
  • Great on wet roads
  • Excellent longevity

With the zigzag microgrooves’ advanced technology, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A delivers better traction all season. Designed specifically for optimal performance for SUVs and modern crossovers, SR-A Radial Tires offer excellent grip on dry and wet roads.

Winter or snow, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A is designed to provide a confident ride with good control. As the tires become softer and flexible in icy weather, traction and handling are improved. In the warmer season, the tires often turn out just fine with enhanced traction.

With the TredLock microgrooves technology, Goodyear wrangler tires’ biting edges offer enhanced wet control and traction. Using these features, you can confidently turn and control the vehicle without any fear of losing control.

Structurally, the tire’s surface presents two zigzag sipes built to provide extra grip in the wet season. As it stands, Goodyear Wrangler SR-A cornering grip technology will give you complete control, especially in the wet season. While this tire is an all-season description, we figure it delivers more performance in the wet season than in warmer weather.

With wide all-around microgrooves to disperse water from the tread to maintain traction, SR-A tires are perfect in the wet season. Using the WetTRac technology, Goodyear delivers a set of tires with better traction on wet terrain. You have no problems driving in mud, light snow, or rain for SR-A tires as it will evacuate water and tighten their grip on the road.

As for performance, the SR-A tires by Goodyear Wrangler offer an amazing experience. So enhanced is the performance when you realize how slippery the icy road is, and your vehicle could go on without losing traction. Thanks to the internal structure, such as high-tensile steel belts with polyester cord casing. Indeed, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires are worth considering.

  • Impressive tire life
  • Amazing traction on wet terrain
  • Excellent winter grip
  • Great performance and cornering in Dry weather
  • A bit loud for an all-season


7. Mickey Thompson Deegan All-Terrain Radial Tire – 275/55R20 117T

Mickey Thompson Deegan All-Terrain Radial Tire – 275_55R20 117T

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent all weather tires
  • Performs impressively on any roads
  • Great traction in snowy conditions
  • The treads can be self-cleaned
  • Offers great comfort on every ride

Among the best tires for Silverado 1500 all season, Mickey Deegan 38 tires offer excellent traction and safety. Suitable for SUV and LT Chevy owners will find it beneficial across seasons. While promising 60,000 miles of treadwear efficiency, it ensures a smooth ride in wet, dry, and winter.

It uses its deep tread grooves to prevent hydroplaning as it disperses water and mud from the tire’s path. It increases gripping with a special tread design, whether on wet or dry terrain, to maintain traction.

Mickey Deegan 38 tires deliver superb handling and control on all-terrain. With its tread pattern tie-bars, it ensures better gripping, steering response and stability. Whether traveling on-road or off-road, the all-terrain traction feature offers flexibility and easier and safer control of your vehicle. Comparatively, the Mickey Deegan 38 tires are built for efficiency and performance.

You will have fun driving in the dirt with Deegan 38, featuring self-cleaning tread design technology. If you drive an SUV or LT designed to handle the off-road rigors, you need the tire with such capability to enjoy it.

Off-road performance is especially the selling proposition of Mickey Deegan 38 tires. Therefore, among the best tires for Chevy Silverado 2500hd or its cousins, the Deegan 38 would find a space. Among tires offering superb handling and controllability, the Deegan 38 is unquestionably a part of it. For its enhanced controllability feature, driving off-road or on the highway requires control performance.

  • Reinforced tread compound
  • Excellent performance in all-weather conditions
  • Resists chips and cuts
  • Increased traction and handling
  • Poor ride on dry pavement


8. Toyo Tires 35 x 1250R20 121Q Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire

Toyo Tires 35 x 1250R20 121Q Open Country M_T Mud-Terrain Tire

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality Polyster material-made
  • Long-lasting and strong
  • Prevents tire damage from stones, mud, etc.
  • Ideal for snow
  • Enhanced driving experience

Toyo Mud-terrain tires offer excellent, durable, and impact-resistant performance. These tires are strong, long-lasting, and durable thanks to the high turn-up feature with a 3-polyester casing. Your vehicle load is part of the benefits of Toyo open country tires. 3-Ply Polyester Construction is engineered to provide on-road comfort and off-road excellence.

With its aggressive tread design covering the sidewall, the tires can eject stones and mud to prevent damage to the vehicle. Its L-shaped interlocking blocks help in creating tread block toughness to reduce uneven wear. Thus, the design ensures consistency in performance all through the tires’ life. In addition, the tread technology considerably prevents on-road noise.

Ideally, the Toyo Mud-Terrain is unique in every respect and offers functionality as an advantage for the all-terrain ride. It maintains sufficient wet surface grips.

Using deep sipes with over-the-shoulder tread, Toyo Mud-Terrain is perfect for wintery and snow seasons. When you drive in snowy weather, the tires’ deep sipes evacuate the snow with optimal consistency giving the vehicle a clear path and optimal traction. By dispersing the stone and clearing the mud, the tire can promote even wear.

An excellent feature of the Toyo tire offers traction when driving in deep mud or snow to make driving easier. With this design, the vehicle’s grip is enhanced in a hard turn, which provides stable driving and good traction for balance. Featuring small raised ribs, these are stone ejectors and serve to disperse stones and gravel on rough terrain.

  • Very good off-road and mud traction
  • Can be driven in all conditions
  • Low noise with good steering
  • Fits a multitude of vehicles
  • Not a rock crawling or bogger tire


9. Mastercraft Courser Super-duty AXT2 All-Terrain Tire

Mastercraft Courser Super-duty AXT2 All-Terrain Tire

Highlighted Features

  • Helps to improve acceleration on snowy roads
  • Enhances traction
  • Fits into most trucks
  • longer service life
  • Offers great value

With features to enhance biting edges in an off-road situation to deliver a smooth ride is what the Mastercraft AXT2 tires represent. By using multi-angle tread blocks, AXT2 tires improve acceleration on snowy and icy roads. The tires can grab on a rough road with jagged cleats and guard against stones and debris flying around off-road. Technically, these tires are built for a quiet run on the road. Also, it delivers aggressive performance and consistent traction off-road.

It has 12% more lateral grooves than its predecessor to enhance grip performance on rugged terrains. It enhances in mud terrain with wide circumferential grooves featuring zigzag patterns to pass through sand, mud, or dirt. When off-beaten path, the alternating scallops help to step up performance and deliver consistently. Five-rib design offers an enhanced sound quality structure that improves the tread patterns.

Interestingly, the feature delivers all-terrain performance, stability, headwear, and traction.

Mastercraft AXT tires offer one of the best all-terrain tires for Chevy Silverado 1500It is built for pickups, SUVs, and 4×4 trucks. With a robust design, it ensures traction for all off-road uses for everyday drivers on highways. It utilizes silica in the design and construction to improve traction on the pavement covered by snow or water.

A tire’s tread is an important part of its performance, traction, durability, and control, and Mastercraft guarantees up to 50000 miles. While offering a 2/32 inch uniformity warranty, it provides a 5-year material and workmanship cover with free replacement.

  • Overall value
  • Reliable on-road traction and control all-weather
  • Good performance on lighter off-road terrain
  • Priced lower than most brands
  • A little extra road noise


10. Goodyear Fortera All Season HL Radial Tire

Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire - 245_70R17 108T

Highlighted Features

  • Great stability
  • Improve performance
  • No noise while riding
  • Tires’ deep blades prolong the tread life
  • Great traction and very good braking

Forward and lateral traction is enhanced using staggered circumferential grooves, see-through grooves, and curvilinear blades. Such an enhancement offers better grip in all-season, whether rain or snow. With computer optimization, the symmetric tread pattern offers enhanced traction and efficient control.

The center ribs offer improved steering performance and stability and general control for additional cornering grip suitable for dry pavement. With tread blocks, these tires offer stable handling and uniform tread wear.

Many vehicle owners searching for the best all terrain tires for Chevy Silverado 1500Fortera HL are the right option. If you use Chevy and want tires for year-round performance and comfortable rides, you will find it in Goodyear Fortera. The Reinforced tread blocks will ensure your vehicle is stable and responsive whether driving on snow or wet road.

With an optimized tread pattern, Fortera HL provides a quiet ride. Using staggered circumferential grooves and other features with added sipes, it offers all-season quality performance. Furthermore, the computer treaded design decreases the on-road noise for overall ride comfort. Confidently, this product will deliver quiet rides, year-round stability, and all-season traction for all-season.

Without sacrificing handling, the deep blades and grooves extend the tires’ tread life. Two steel belts are wrapped with a polyester core body inside the tire to provide strength and robustness. While this fits our search for the best tires for Silverado 1500 all season, the brand offers additional confidence. With an additional 60,000-mile tread life warranty, you can be certain of good traction and durability.

  • Dry traction and braking are very good
  • Steering is crisp and responsive
  • Comfortable tire to ride on
  • 60,000-mile warranty
  • Tires tend to get noisy as they wear down
  • Treadlife could be better


Buying Consideration about Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 2500HD

When you want to buy the best all-terrain tires for Chevy Silverado 1500, you need to be careful. Each tire you come across will have its features and strong points. But to pick the best tire, you should choose according to the use of your vehicle. If you are always traveling on highways, the best tire will be the one fit for highways.

Likewise, if you live in the countryside and travel on mud and rough roads, choose the tires for such terrain. Read the following discussions carefully and match the features with your need.

1. All-Season Tires

If you use your vehicle mostly on-road, your best tires for Silverado 1500 are those tires with the all-season designation. Though most trucks come with all-season tires, you may need to change the size for a more comfy ride. All-season tires are safe and a good choice for city road users.

Among the benefits of all-season tires is lightweight, and fuel efficiency. However, these are not tires for off-road travel. Also, you don’t want to buy all-season tires if you engage in the haulage of heavy items or towing. In such instances, you should consider alternatives for efficiency.

2. All-Terrain Tires

Buying Consideration about Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 2500HD All-Terrain Tires

You will be making the best decision if you go for all-terrain tires if you often have to travel off-road. Ideally, all-terrain tires are suitable for on-road and off-road travel. These tires are designed to tolerate extreme conditions, be it the weather or rugged roads.

Interestingly, all-terrain tires can perform excellently all-season and all-terrain. Whether you drive on a wet or icy road or travel to the mountains, expect the best performance. However, the downside of all-terrain tires is noise and poor fuel economy. When driving on highways, the handling and control performance is on average.

3. Mud-Terrain Tires

You will need to consider buying mud-terrain tires if you often travel off-road. These tires are purposely made to get in the mud and come out shining. While you may use these tires on-road, it delivers top performance when in the mud. Whether you live in the mountain or have a business there, get your truck on mud-terrain tires.

Mud tires are exceptionally ideal for gripping; they are aggressive and will cut through harsh roads any day. Despite its brilliant performance off-road, the wear and tear are high. You should only consider this tire if you drive on rough roads often.

4. Highway Tires

Buying Consideration about Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 2500HD Highway Tires

If you cruise around cities without a need for an off-road drive, your best option is highway tires. For the best driving experience on-road, highway tires offer superior travel stability, handling control, and comfort. These tires are resilient, designed to thrive under pressure, and they are quiet on the road.

When you can’t find the touring tires, your best option is the highway tires. Though not as versatile in hauling and towing, they will perform to your satisfaction any day on the highway.

5. Touring tires

Also known as grand touring tires, these tires deliver maximum comfort and reliable drive with all-season traction. When you need tires that are responsive with good control, your best choice is the touring tires. You can travel at extreme speed with these tires without issues.

They include an asymmetrical tread pattern for an excellent response on the road. However, the touring tires are best for highway and on-road use. If you need tires for off-road, consider other options.

Crucial FAQs for the Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500

2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT

1. Do you need bigger tires?

You don’t need bigger tires if you drive a truck with smaller kits. Most normal trucks have kits in the range of 2-inch and the normal tires you do. However, you should be ready to invest in leveling kits if you want bigger tires. You will need to change your truck’s suspension to larger kits before you can successfully accommodate bigger tires.

For your Chevy Silverado 1500, choose from available normal-size tires according to the use of your vehicle. Your knowledge of tires and the purpose you need them for should guide your selection. Don’t buy tires because of price; cheap tires aren’t necessarily good or bad. Your purpose for the tires is your warranty for performance.

2. What size of tires can I use on my Chevy Silverado 1500?

Chevy Silverado 1500 tire size depends on the year it was manufactured. You may want to choose new Chevrolet Silverado tires as replacements for old tires or a wheel upgrade. Most Chevy Silverado has the standard 17” wheels, though wheel sizes may vary by trim level and form.

Choosing tires for the Silverado also depends on whether the truck is off-road-focused or highway comfort-focused.

3. What are the worst tire brands?

If you want to buy cheap tires or continue driving with old tires to save money, you should reconsider. You have several brands of tires to choose from out there, including some you should avoid at all costs. Many Chinese manufacturers are upcoming brand names that produce similar tires.

They sell affordable tires not minding safety checks before leaving the factory.

4. What brand of tires does Chevy use?

Chevrolet Silverado models usually use 17-inch wheels as standard, and the wheel sizes also vary. The Silverado fits different tire types depending on whether it’s for on-road or off-road purposes.

  • The Chevy Silverado Truck for Work, LT, Custom and RST trims are available with General Grabber HTS designated highway/all-season tires. These tires are sized as 255/70R17 112S with black walls.
  • Silverado Trail Boss usually features the General Grabber APT tires perfect for on/off-road and all-terrain by factory defaults. These tires are sized as 255/70R17 112T

5. What tires come on the Chevy Trail Boss?

The current Chevy Silverado Trail Boss runs on 32-inch tires with 275/65R18 specs. Unlike this version, the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 model with 33” rubber tires, 275/70R18 size.

General Motors has not provided any official confirmation on the size of the new tires. But the upcoming Chevy Silverado ZR2 Trail Boss delivers greater off-road capability than the newer Silverado Trail Boss model.

6. Can you fit 33s on a stock Silverado?

Typically, the latest Chevy Silverado trucks can fit 33” tires with a leveling kit. You may need to use a lift should you want to fit 35” tires. The Chevrolet Silverado model has many generations, each one with different trim levels.

You need to know about each Silverado to establish the stock tire size. Off-roading trucks usually have different tires from street trucks. Also, the sizes of tires range from 30-33” tailored to each Silverado.

7. What size tire is a 275 65R18?

You can understand tire sizes once you learn to read them. The code, 275-65R18 tire shows that your tire’s aspect ratio is 65%. That is to say, the height of the tire’s sidewall is 65% of the width. R. 275/65R18 tires are 32.1” in diameter and 10.8″ of section width with an 18” wheel diameter.

The tires have a circumference of 100.7″, with 629 rpm. In general, they are mountable on wheels of 7.5-9.5″ wide for commuter tires with 7.5-9″ for Light Truck tires.

8. Can I fit 33s with a 2-inch lift?

Yes. The Silverado 1500 generations, the third and fourth, can use up to 33.5” tires. Most new-generation Chevy Silverado pickups can use 33” tires and a leveling kit and 35” tires with a 2-inch lift.

9. What size of tires is the biggest for Chevy Silverado?

By default, there is a 33.5-inch limit if you want to modify a Chevy Silverado 1500 with factory shock suspension for bigger tires. This model’s standard factory tire size is 31.6, noted as 265/65/R18. The 33” size tires are written as 275/60/R20.

10. Will 27560R20 fit Silverado?

Chevy Silverado 1500, 3rd and 4th generations, using factory stock suspension with rims will take a maximum of 33.5”. The factory-standard tires are 31.6′, noted as 265/65/R18, while 33” are in the form of 275/60/R20. So an extra inch is possible.

11. What are the best tires for a Chevrolet Silverado?

Pickup Trucks are sturdy enough to endure on-road and off-road performance. Truck tires play is crucial in their performances. Below are some best tires for a Chevy Silverado:

  • Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tires.
  • Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tires.
  • Milestar Patagonia Mud-Terrain Tires.

12. Can I use all-season tires in winter?

If you drive in places that rarely experience snow or ice, all-weather tires should work just fine. But if you often travel through snowy, icy, and freezing temperatures, try to invest in winter tires from reliable brands.

13. What is the difference between all-season and all-weather tires?

All-season tires were originally meant to operate in every season, including in cold temperatures, but they tend to lose their grip on ice. On the other hand, all-weather tires perform as much as all-season tires on both wet and dry roads and in winter.

14. Which is better; winter tires or all-weather tires?

All-weather tires deliver strong performances across all months of the year. Besides, unlike winter tires that require change over and storage, all-weather tires work all-round the year.

They have a harder rubber compound and are more heat-resistant than winter tires, granting them great traction on different roads. Overall, all-weather tires may become less expensive and more efficient than winter tires.

15. What is the best all-terrain truck tire?

All-terrain trucks move on every kind of surface. The tires feature an open tread built similar to the off-road tires for smooth handling.

So, they are not great options for people who drive on paved roads only or off-road only. Recommended All-Terrain Tires:

  • BFGoodrich T/A KO2 All-Terrain. 
  • Kumho Road AT51 Venture 
  • Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire. 
  • Falken Wildpeak AT3W. 

16. Are all-terrain tires worth it?

All-terrain tires are specially built to fit different road terrains. They are smooth on the highway and still resistant enough for harsh landscapes like beaches, gravel or snow. Their tread-like provides better grip on dry roads and rubber compounds for great handling on straight wet surfaces.

Final Words

Choosing the best tires for Chevy Silverado 1500 takes knowledge and patience. There is no other way to drive your vehicle without a tire. Therefore, it is well worth your time to find out the best tires for your Chevy. From experience, most tires are good for the purpose they are made.

As always, the problem is with the inappropriate use of tires. As long as you match your need for tires with the best tires for Silverado 1500, you are in order. The takeaway from this review is to know what you need your vehicle to do for you. Do you travel long distances on highways, or do you cruise around the town on a lightweight truck?

Or, is your daily chore taking you into the mountains or some off-road mission? If you can properly identify the purpose you want your Chevy to serve, you can find the right tire to meet your goal.