How to Make Low Beams Stay on with High Beams Silverado: A Proper Guide

When you turn the high beam on Silverado, the low beam lights will automatically turn off. Although engineers did this intentionally yet both beams working at the same time can make things a lot easier.

Learning how to make low beams stay on with high beams Silverado can make driving more fun at night.

Like any other conventional car or truck, Silverado also comes with both high beam & low beam headlights.

Driving at night time will be a nightmare if the best Silverado headlights are not properly configured. Both low and high beam lights help to clear the vision, but the results are different for both settings.

In most cars, turning on the headlights means that the low beam will stay on even if you turn on the high beam. Additional light of the high beam adds extra power.

On Silverado, the headlights configurations are a bit odd. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you are obliged to know about how to wire high and low beams together.

Low Beam Lights or Low Beam Headlights

Right after turning the light on, low beam lights will automatically turn on. The beam of these lights does not focus on any certain point.

The primary purpose of low beam lights is to provide a clear vision of everything that is in front of your car. How far can you get a view with high beams?

Well, the low beams are meant to light up the road instead of targeting far-away objects.

When driving on a normal road, drivers need to turn on the low beam lights. Having high beam lights on all the time will make things harder for the other drivers.

It is highly recommended to keep the low beam lights on while driving at night. You can take low beam as the default light setting of Silverado or any other car or truck.

High Beam Lights or High Beam Headlights

Every conventional truck and car has the configuration for the high beam lights or high beam headlights.

As the name suggests, the power of these lights is way more than low beam lights. Unlike low beam lights, the beam of these headlights is centrally focused, which means no spread for the surrounding areas.

The main functionality of the high beam lights is similar to the spotlight that focuses on the target area only.

Low and high beam lights are meant to be utilized in specific situations. When there is a long straight road ahead, a high beam can be used after a few intervals to ensure that road is clear.

The use of high beam lights for a long time is discouraged because other drivers will face difficulty due to the high intensity of the high beam lights.

Now, we all are clear about the difference between both headlight configurations. In the next steps, we are going to discuss the detailed process of how to wire high and low beams together.

How to Make Low Beams Stay on with High Beams Silverado

As the default company settings don’t allow the high & low beam to work at the same time, you will have to make some electrical wiring changes to make it happen.

The process of altering the wiring for the headlights is simple, and you can do it with proper guidelines and instructions. Here are some simple steps to do so.

Understanding the Electrical Concepts of Headlights

One negative and one positive wire power the entire wiring in the truck. Current flows from the battery to the headlights through the positive wire.

As soon as the driver turns on the high beam, the wire’s negative terminal will tend to switch off the low beam.

As the high beam is turned off, the positive wire starts the normal functionality, and as a result, the low beam is turned on.

In the next process, we are going to ground the lamp’s negative wire to keep both lamps on at the same time.

Step 1: Remove the Headlights

The wiring of the lamps is only accessible if the headlights are removed. When you pop the hood of the Silverado, there is a holder that can be used to take off the truck’s headlights.

By unplugging the holder, the headlights can be taken off.

In this process, you need to be extremely careful because messing with the headlights will simply make things worse for you.

Step 2: Detect low beam positive and negative wires

At this step, a voltmeter is needed. After carefully detaching the wiring, switch the low beam lights on and use the voltmeter to detect the negative wire.

The voltmeter will help you in the detection process and after this, reattach the positive wire as we are only going to deal with the negative one.

Step 3: Ground the low beam negative wire

There is a grounding portion on the metallic part of the engine’s body. This grounding panel is located just across the lights.

Turn on the low beams after attaching the negative wire to the grounding panel. Now, try the high beams too, and the low beam should stay on while the high beam is switched on if the grounding is done right.

This method works for most of the old models of Silverado, but in the recent models, things are way more complicated.

If you don’t understand the wiring arrangements, you should try to mess with the headlight settings. Without any professional help, you may cause serious electrical wiring damage to the new model of the Silverado.

High Beams and Low Beams on at the Same Time

Both low and high beams in Silverado or any other vehicle or truck serve the different yet same purpose. The similarity is in terms of clearing the view in the dark and different in terms of focus.

In general, cars and trucks switching on the high beam will not usually turn off the low beam.

High beam lights can help to see things at a distance, but the driver needs to view the nearest road at the same time.

High beams and low beams at the same time mean that complete headlights should provide lamination. This is not possible in Silverado without a little modification.

Both beams working at the same time offer better and clearer vision, and you can achieve it by following the given procedures.

High beams and low beams will only stay on at the same time when you stop the low beam from turning off while the high beam is on.

Whether you own a new Silverado or the older model, we have provided detailed procedures for both options.

Now, you can enjoy better vision on the highways without worrying about the headlight arrangements.

How to Maintain Low Beams and High Beams Together

As we have already discussed the process for the older models, now let’s how to keep low beams and high beams together for the newer models.

The process requires you to get a little modchip. This gadget is available in most online stores. The installation process of the modchip is complicated, but you can do it without any professional help.

Here is the simple process that you must follow.

Step 1: Get to know the fuse panel

The fuse panel in any car or truck is responsible for controlling the complete wiring and electrical appliances. The fuse panel has the control points for the headlights too.

When the lid of the fuse box is removed, the lid has all the information about every fuse in the box.

The fuses for the low beam, fog lamps, and the high beam can be located by following the instructions on the lid of the fuse panel.

Step 2: Installing the modchip

Before starting the whole process with the fuse box, always turn off the vehicle and ensure that switch is turned off. Gently remove the said fuses and be careful during the process as you don’t want to damage any other electric circuit.

The modchip is designed to fit in the removed fuses perfectly. As you place the modchip on the holes of the fuses, it will fit perfectly.

Make sure that the modchip is installed perfectly; otherwise, it might cause a short circuit.

Step 3: re-install the fuses

The reinstallation process of the fuses is simple, but now, the fuses will go inside the modchip instead of the fuse box. In the process, pay attention to every little detail.

This may seem overwhelming, but the real process is pretty simple.

Put the lid of the fuse box on. Ensure that everything is in the right place because we are done with the process.

It’s time to turn on the truck to test if the high beam stays on while the low beam is on. When you turn the switch on, both lights should stay on together.

The addition of the fog lights with the low and high beams will create a clear view whether you are in the street or on the highway.

How to Make Low Beams Stay on with High Beams Silverado- FAQs

Silverado owners face some issues with the headlights, and these problems are discussed on different platforms.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding high and low beam wiring on Silverado.

1. Why do low beams turn off when high beams are on?

The headlights on the Silverado usually demonstrate this practice. Not every car has this issue.

The issue is related to the factory settings of the wiring. Actually, this is not an issue but an engineering feature. This also happens when both high and low beams use the same bulb.

These settings can be altered with the after-market installations and other alterations.

2. Can you drive with high beams on?

Driving with a high beam on might offer better vision, but it will also cause problems for the other drivers.

You can drive with the high beam lights on but must low the beam for the approaching vehicle. State’s driving book can help you to determine the right distance when you should lower the high beam lights.

You should avoid this practice while you are driving in town or in the streets. It may be normal on the highways where people keep the high beam on for quite a long time.

3. Can someone utilize high beams on the divided road?

Yes, a high beam can be kept on while driving on the divided way.

As the divider in the center of the road is preventing the effect of lights on the approaching vehicle, you are not obliged to turn off the high beam.

It does not matter where you are driving; try to use the high beam only when needed.

4. How far should low beams illuminate?

In most vehicles, low beam lights are designed to illuminate the distance of 160 feet ahead on the road.

The throw of the low beam will illuminate the whole road in front of the car, and 160 feet is enough distance to make the right move if you detect any obstacle on the road.     

5. Should you use high beams in foggy conditions?

Most of the drivers make the mistake of turning the high beam on while driving in the fog.

They think a high beam will make the vision clearer, but it does the opposite. As the name suggests, fog lamps are meant to be benefited from in the fog along with low beam lights.

A high beam will make the vision even worse.

6. How to wire high and low beams together?

Wiring high and low beams together are easier for the older models of Silverado.

For the newer model, this can be done with a modchip. When you need to wire high and low beams together, simply ground the negative wire of the low beam.

As you turn on both beams together, low and high beams should stay on together after grounding the negative wire.

7. What is the difference between fog lights and high beams?

High beams are designed for better vision on the highways or when you need to view objects at a distance.

Using high beams in foggy or raining weather will make the vision even worse. On the other hand, fog lamps illuminate the nearest part of the road in front of the vehicle.

High beams are more suitable for the highways, while fog lamps are for foggy or rainy weather.

8. Do LED headlights have high and low beams?

LED lights can illuminate the road faster than simple halogen lamps. There are several different sorts of the LED headlights, but yes, some LED headlights have high and low beams.

Not all LED headlights have the option for the low and same beam as same LED lights are used for both beams.

9. Can I use LED fog lights as headlights?

Using LED fog lights as headlights is totally legal, and yes, you can do so. But the fog lights may not brighten up the road as you want.

In general headlights, fog lamps have one LED, while headlights have many LEDs. So, the illumination power matters the most.

10. Are 8000K LED headlights legal?

In most of the states, 8000K LED headlights are not road legal. The use of such powerful LEDs may make the vision better for you, but it will impact the other drivers at the same time.

One must check the local laws if the 8000K LED is legal or not.


In this how to make low beams stay on with high beams Silverado user guideline, we have been through everything that you ought to understand about Silverado’s high and low beam arrangements.

This guide is also about how to do wiring alterations for low and high beams on Silverado. After following this guide, you must be able to keep both high and low beams together.

While performing DIYs, always use proper safety gear because electric shock is possible while working on Silverado.

Wearing proper safety gear will ensure that you remain safe while doing these electric alterations in your garage. 

In case there are some changes in your Silverado’s wiring, try to take additional help from the specialists or online forums. These procedures work for most of the older and newer models of Silverado trucks on the road.

Enjoy better vision and also take care of other’s convenience while driving on the road.