Top 10 Best Cam for Stock 454 Review with Buying Guides

Drivers prefer having a reliable engine boost with any vehicle or truck. The need for the best cam for stock 454 is to induce power.

Besides, as it explicitly concerns the engine facilities, there is a need to make the right choice to stay safe.

The camshaft is a particular automotive relating to the engine exhaust system and intake manifold.

As it involves crucial engine function, making a perfect choice ensures no accidental damage. The engines also require upgrades and the stock 454 engines are no exception.

Thus, you have to ensure to get the best cam for 454 to fulfill your need against the price.

Top Rated Best Street Cam Big Block Chevy

Top cam manufacturers are offering a 454 version camshaft for engine boosting. It is a powerful engine hitting the market and there is a lot of information in this article.

Most times, the machine’s proper functionality is in the backseat that we, as the car owner, enjoy the efficiency of the machines.

What is the best Chevy Silverado Cam for stock 454?

COMP-Cams is the best brand in the market because it will ensure the vehicle’s excellent performance on the road.

As a result, most truck owners will love to have these parts installed in their trucks to ensure they get the best results.

Why Comp Cams is the best cam for Chevy Silverado?

We chose COMP-Cams as the best brand for Chevy because of several reasons. First, this delivers excellent results for your vehicle as it boosts engine life.

Besides, it comes with a wide range of tools that will undoubtedly deliver the best results for your car.

Top 10 Best Cam for Stock 454 Review 2023

There are overwhelming options that allow you to narrow down.

You can find all that you need here and confirm with ease your purchase. Here are the top 10 picks to go through:

01. COMP-Cams-CL11-600-8-Lifter-THUMPER


Not many aftermarket options can offer a satisfactory feel, while Comp Cams CL 11-600-8 Lifter Thumpr assures optimum power and smooth support.

There is the advantage of receiving extra accessories to maintain the pace.

However, the modern complexity may demand the need for an upgraded valve spring. 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Great operating range
  • Ideal option for muscle cars and street rods
  • Excellent lifter
  • Offers great performance

The kits vary in contents, while it contains lifters set, a camshaft, locks, retainers, valve springs, timing set, valve seals, decals, assembly lubricant, and instructions.

Comp Cams Lifter Thumpr offers high performance on the street. The rough idle is perfect, while the gears, headers, and intake are smooth.

It features 2500+stall.

The operating range is 2000-5900 RPM, with duration at .50″ as 235/249. The valve lift is 0.51″/0.495″ and features a 107- degree lobe separation angle.

However, the valve opening enjoys early intake and the duration of long exhaust creates optimum overlap giving a hard-hitting, powerful exhaust note.

It offers more rear gear and is a superb aftermarket converter.

It is a perfect choice for street rods and muscle cars. It delivers a broad torque curve and delivers the best horsepower gains in all its cam designs.

The best torque cam for stock 454 is Comp Cams CL 11-600-8 Lifter Thumpr as it is ready to serve.

This model pushes high rpm ranges than expected and also delivers optimum overlap reaching the extreme power satisfying the drivers.


  • Excellent cam size and lifter
  • Aggressive exhaust and idle
  • Good performance level


  • Popping sound through the carburetor

02. Lunati-10120102LK-Camshaft-Lifter


No matter, how many established market brands arrive, Lunati-10120102LK-Camshaft-Lifter has all good reasons to hold its place as the best cam for stock 454.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers power at 2000-6000 RPM operating range
  • asymmetrical lobe design
  • Fits in most trucks
  • Performance is quite impressive
  • Recommended by most truck owners

The performing range is higher and it is noticeable idle. It offers upper RPM power and great mid-range.

It is ideal for street performance or even suits mild bracket racing. It is particularly effective with its best operating range that is 2000-6000 RPM.

Lunati-10120102LK-Camshaft-Lifter can install at ease as the cam and lifter kits include a set of lifters, a camshaft, assembly lubricant, and instructions.

Going through the instruction is enough for anyone to install it with ease. There is no need to call a motor expert to fit it.

Lunati-10120102LK-Camshaft-Lifter is the right choice for budget-minded trotters.

It is an ideal choice that does not call for a second thought. Because there is nothing to compromise.

It is in budget price, delivering serious horsepower, and keeps your bank balance safe.

This Lunati-10120102LK-Camshaft-Lifter presents an asymmetrical lobe design, making it unique.

The advantage of this profile and design is that it increases the acceleration and throttle response, proving it is an appropriate profile cam for stock 454. 

The biggest advantage is that it is made in the USA. It also fits a variety that is the best for its profile.

It fits the 262, 267, 265, 282, 327, 305, 302, 350, and 400.


  • Fits with ease
  • Impressive performance
  • Affordable price


  • Does not fit New ones and Small block from 1985 

03. COMP Cams-11-600-4-Thumpr


Speaking about Chevy performance parts, the top choice for 454 cams cannot miss COMP Cams-11-600-4-Thumpr as it offers:

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers power at 2000-6000 RPM operating range
  • asymmetrical lobe design
  • Fits in most trucks
  • Performance is quite impressive
  • Recommended by most truck owners

Comp Cams 11-600-4-Thumpr features unique design modifications that the Thumpr series explicitly meets the challenging demands of the engine.

You get everything with this design that there is nothing you have to sacrifice with this purchase.

The design is impressive, offering the required torque making it a suitable cam for stock 454.

It induces a hard-hitting power as it delivers maximum overlap, while it pushes the rpm range from 1800 to 5600.

The actual lift for the inlet is different. The practical duration is maintained as per the required specification as 227 @ 0.050″ support against 241.

Opening of the intake valve is early and the exhaust duration is longer creates overlap optimum for hard-hitting, powerful exhaust.

It offers more rear gear and is the finest with aftermarket converters.

This camshaft comes as a complete kit. It also features additional accessories meeting the pace.

You receive essential items from fulfilling the assembly entirely before setup. The kit includes lifters, lubricants, detailed manual instruction, and valve springs to assist in upgrading.

You should be prepared to offer the best performance.

COMP cams 11-600-4-Thumpr offers this as the finest option. It is designed keeping in mind the muscle car.

This kit offers an exceptional gain of horsepower, a broad torque curve, and a longer exhaust duration. The kits also include lifters set, a camshaft, and assembly lubricant.

The COMP cams 11-600-4-Thumpr kit assures more powerful exhaust that it is the performance enthusiast’s choice.

It is certain to turn many heads. It is an ideal kit for Chevy 396-454 engines. The enthusiasts for performance increase for its unique tones.


  • Increase in output.
  • Prolonged exhaust duration
  • Effective hydraulic design


  • A bit highly-priced.

04. HuthBrother-Camshaft-Duration-Compatible


Promoting the performance existing in your engine ensures you hit the roads and HuthBrother-Camshaft-Duration-Compatible proves it is the Best street cam big block Chevy as a dependable kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Great design
  • Factory packaging
  • All essential accessories included
  • Highly compatible with most LS engines
  • Delivers quality performance

There is nothing to beat the quality and price.

It is paired suitable with a pack of 1219 valve springs and installing on a start-up tune is enough to get it installed as expected.

Certainly, it is the budget build that will keep your wallet safe.

HuthBrother Camshaft performs well and it looks good. The machine work is appreciated and there is no room for complaints.

The cam looks impressive and also works fine, though it appears the sensor area is a bit rough.

The HuthBrother Camshaft comes perfectly in factory packaging.

It is oiled well, wrapped in plastic, paper wrapped, while it is also covered in the plastic shrink wrap and the cardboard box.

Additionally, It comes as a good package to handle and open on receiving.

The material quality is impressively good that the installation is also smooth and good.

Moreover, the product offers a perfect fit and there are no issues experienced during installation.

This HuthBrother cam is compatible with most LS engines and this is an advantage.

It is possible because it has a 3 ½ inch opening. Fastens with a hitch pin and there is the 5/8″ hole in the vertical stop making it compatible with LS sloppy stages.

The biggest advantage is in the after-sales service.

Customers can reach them with any of their problems and will receive an immediate response in 24 hours. Remember to match the part numbers and ensure fitment while purchasing.


  • Excellent performance
  • Ease of fitting
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Better packing will be beneficial

05. Cams-K11-242-3-Hydraulic-Chevrolet


Camshaft determines the torque and horsepower of an engine and Cams-K11-242-3-Hydraulic-Chevrolet is a compatible choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Assures high performance
  • 1600-5800 RPM operating range
  • Ideal for street machines
  • Highly durable
  • Offers a great driving experience

The energy camshaft has better emissions assuring high performance.

It has excellent valve timing that ascertains optimal engine performance. Offers excellent performance in the applications that are street carbureted.

The lobe profiles offering quicker opening deliver more area and increased responsiveness under the lift curve.

The operating range is 1600-5800 RPM. At low and idle rpm, the operation of the engine is determined by the late opening.

It assures enough manifold vacuums as per the essential accessory operation.

Cams-K11-242-3-Hydraulic-Chevrolet is the best for street machines. The stock converter works to its optimum level, while there is a slight rough idle.

It works to its finest with 1800+ stalls. The drivability and power of the camshaft is a crucial factor.

At 0.50 tappet lift is now standard with most camshafts offering high-performance. The duration at 224/230 at .050″ is related closely to the rpm range at that the engine offers maximum power.  

The K Kits vary in content. They contain generally a set of lifters, a camshaft, retainers, valve springs, valve seals, locks, assembly lubricant, timing set, instructions, and decals.

Before installing or starting with the details, check the description for accuracy of kit contents.

Cams-K11-242-3-Hydraulic-Chevrolet features 110 Degree lobe separation angle and the valve lift is 0.515″/0.52″.

The vacuum is more and it allows increasing the duration for improved performance and thereby assists power brakes.

It proves to be offering superior performance with aftermarket headers, intake manifolds, and lower gear ratios.

Cams-K11-242-3-Hydraulic-Chevrolet is compatible as it fits 396-454 Big Block Mark IV.


  • Good performance
  • Modest idle
  • Easy to install


  • A bit noisy

06. Chevy-Stage-Camshaft-Lifters-MC2004


For extended torque and immense power, there is nothing to think beyond Chevy Stage Camshaft Lifters MC2004.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed professionally
  • Great with 1967 to 1995 Chevy models
  • Hydraulic action
  • Efficient design
  • Constant power output

Feel the engine power and its supplementary action. Induce the older engine’s power with a slight upgrade.

It meets the requirements in just one kit.

Chevy Stage Camshaft Lifters MC2004 outperforms the competition of the existing market.

The beauty of this professional design is that it has integrating facts and relevant prices.

The primary increase of the engine output is the main benefit of using this camshaft. It goes explicitly with most models of Chevrolet with 1967 to 1995 models.

Moreover, it suits the V8 version, besides the stock 454, and includes 366, 403, 396 & 427.

The torque with low-end pulling power reaches the optimum level.

The best street cam offers more than 2000 to 5000 rpm ensuring strong pulling power. However, the torque begins to stay under the range of 2400-3000 rpm.

The claim of duration is 292 for the intake valve & 302 for the exhaust system.

However, for practical uses, it offers intake and exhaust at 214 and 224. The measure of the valve is 0.501″/0.527″.


  • Constant output of power 
  • Pro- Performance design
  • Stability in the high valve train


  • Restrictions on rpm range.

07. COMP-Cams-K11-242-3-Camshaft


Pushing the engine’s output to practical limits helps to hold from falling back with COMP-Cams-K11-242-3-Camshaft.

Highlighted Features

  • 1600 to 5800 RPM operating range
  • Great support
  • Fits into shocks ranging from 396 to 454
  • All important accessories included
  • Great for street engines

There are dependable 454 stock camshaft specs offering 1600 to 5800 as a convenient operating range.

It is powerful as a standard range for the blocks. Thus, you can acquire a noticeable output power increase.

There is a need to maintain the practical duration and it measures for the intake/exhaust working at 224/230.

Since the lift operation changes on conditions. However, for relevant intake, the lift stands at 0.515,” and the exhaust action is 0.520″.

The advantage is its precise frame that fits with ease into stocks, covering from 396 to 454.

The performance is excellent and is a genuine street carburetor. It offers 1800+ stalls to deliver the best outcome.

The design is much away from the standard blocks and it serves the engines with big-block. However, it is a good deal as the price tag is comparatively lower.

A cam kit is created particularly as it offers the operating range that is the best for racing vehicles as 1,600-5,800 RPM.

Therefore, it works best with a higher stall or with 1800 RPM. The opening lobe profile is faster and it helps in achieving more responsiveness.

Vacuum is produced as this kit has vacuum-assisted accessories. 

Undoubtfully, it is a wonderful addition as the duration ensures more horsepower with intake manifold and added headers.

Also, it comes with lifters, camshaft, valve springs, retainers, lubricant, valve seals, detailed instructions, and a timing set.


  • Street engine application
  • Standard lobe separation
  • RPM reasonable operation


  • Slight rough idling.

08. Lunati-10110703LK-Voodoo-Cam-Lifter


Ascertain your confidence and enjoy the hold of your drive with Lunati-10110703LK-Voodoo-Cam-Lifter.

Highlighted Features

  • Operating range from 1800-6200 rpm
  • Installation lubricant included
  • Supports the valve spring well
  • High-performance cam
  • Highly durable

The attraction of Lunati 10110703LK is its operating range stands. It is higher in comparison to the other regular camshafts.

You may consider a good deal with 1800-6200 rpm. However, its performing range is best as it requires a 2400 rpm stall against carb support of 800 CFM.

Lunati is a suitable counterpart as the big block. The lower tag may hit on stringent budgets.

Moreover, Lunati is an aftermarket established brand that offers the required power.

The intake/exhaust duration is 227/233 at 0.050″ lift. The valve lift shows the distortion of 0.542″/0.554″ on its respective side.

It delivers its best riding experience, while the power output is uncompromised. There is faster acceleration with throttle response as an extension.

It leads to better efficiency, more vacuum, and cost reduction.

Lunati Voodoo covers under the curve more ground that you may consider more throttle response.

There is better acceleration, added horsepower, and increased torque. The company is prominent in assuring durable construction that it rules out any replacement of cam anytime.

Lunati Voodoo the name looks different. However, it appears to be set under a spell.

It is the best hydraulic flat cams that deserve to receive respect. Thus it features a dual-plane intake in association with headers that are widely known as high-performance cam.

Lunati Voodoo set comes with lifters, valve springs, and accessories. 

Even with all these changing the valve springs is impossible. People looking for easier installation are sure to find this as the ideal kit. 


  • Proper support of valve spring
  • Included installing lubricant
  • Maximum outcome


  • Minimal duration.

09. COMP-Cams-K11-205-3-Camshaft-268H


Performance characteristics vary of cams from one to another and it is due to the shape of the lobes.

COMP-Cams-K11-205-3-Camshaft-268H is a special product with unique features proving to be the best cam for stock 454.

Highlighted Features

  • Amazing power at 2500 rpm
  • Quality parts included
  • Operates at 1500 to 5000 rpm
  • All accessories included
  • Boosts power

COMP-Cams-K11-205-3-Camshaft-268H is awesome. It has real power with good torque at the low end.

The power comes on@2500 RPM. The top and mid-end power are stunning.

This cam has great idle quality featuring a nice chop.

With the 10.5:1 compression, 468 BBC, Holley trick avenger, 781 heads, 1 7/8 header, and Weinand Stealth intake, it is unique.

Cam and Lifter KitStyle is at 1,500-5,500 RPM Range. The truck just runs smooth and great. It is good and comprehensive.

Moreover, it can be a leader in this industry. The operating range is good at 1500 – 5500 RPM.

Precisely, The high energy presents a good blend of performance and efficiency that is ideal for street performance rebuilds.

It works mainly with stock components such as manifolds, rockers, compression, heads, gears, and torque converters.

The K Kits vary in content. It contains a camshaft, valve springs, a set of lifters, retainers, valve springs, valve seals, locks, assembly lubricant, timing set, instructions, and decals.


  • Affordable price
  • High energy
  • Ideal performance street rebuild


  • Slightly rough idle

10. DNJ-Camshaft-2007-2015-Chevrolet-Silverado


Are you looking for a camshaft for your truck or car?

Perhaps the too many numbers of cam availability have stirred a doubt. Go for DNJ-Camshaft-2007-2015-Chevrolet-Silverado, it is a worthy consideration for now:

Highlighted Features

  • Offers great performance
  • Full-line provider
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with an idling camshaft
  • Best suited for all trucks and cars

The performance is good and it runs great. Everything matches perfectly.

According to the company, it is new and makes sense to see the new brand earns customer loyalty.

Also, it is new but has a good quality track record.

The DNJ Engine Components are useful for trucks and cars. They are a full-line provider of Japanese & Domestic engine parts.

The valve intake and exhaust have a proper duration that is most critical for the intake opening point to vacuum.

Closing of early intake is the advantage of offering a broad power curve and it is crucial for effective responsiveness and low-end torque.

The valve lift increase causes the valves to open further and it results in the mixture of air and fuel or exhaust flowing through the valve.

Thus, the lobes are taller and so open quickly, giving a responsive area beneath the lift curve.

Starting the engine and allowing it to run not making use of the pedal refers to idling. The engine is at an idle position.

It has a fair idling camshaft showing the engine of the car is at the perfect amount of fuel and air at a constant speed needle.

This camshaft will serve how long to your engine? Well, this is a new cam kit, DNJ-Camshaft-2007-2015-Chevrolet-Silverado.

It is in the market due to its longevity. The engine performance is good for all the chevy vehicles.

The vacuum is extra allowing increased duration, and this offers improved performance to the engine.


  • Fast shipping
  • Good quality
  • Suitable for cars and trucks


  • Nothing specific till now

What is Cam for Stock 454

Years Model
1970–1974 Chevrolet Corvette
1970–1975 Chevrolet Chevelle
1970–1975 Chevrolet El Camino
1970–1976 Chevrolet Caprice
1970–1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
1971–1972 GMC Sprint

The Definition:

A cam for stock 454 is to enhance the performance of an engine. It is crucial and is installed to operate the popper valves.

The installation is with pistons. Technically, a camshaft lifts the valve providing the engine more power. It opens the piston to intake stroke to accelerate into the cylinder, the fuel and the air mix.

Thus, it offers combustion power to the engine.

Working Mechanism:

The piston opens to accelerate the fuel/air mixture with the intake stroke that goes into the cylinder. Thus, it offers the engine adequate power through combustion.

A viable camshaft retains open valves for a long time. The camshaft has a crucial role in promoting engine performance.

The installation of the camshaft is with the pistons that operate the poppet valves. The main role of a camshaft is to lift the valve and to offer the engine more power.

Benefits of Cam for Stock 454

A cam upgrade is a performance upgrade for the 454 Big Block engine. When it is installed perfectly, amazing is the result.

Now with many manufacturers choosing one going through their specs and range allows you to get the best from the lot.

The camshaft can be done as a one-time upgrade by purchasing the entire kit. There is Comp Cams ideal for street performance and power increment.

There are many more street-oriented high-performance celebrated cams. There is a variety of parts with 454 engines, eventually aiming to increase performance. 

Buying Guide for the Best Cam for Stock 454

The market is flooded with stock 454 cams. However, finding the best street cam big block Chevy is possible with a good search.

Search for new camshaft keeping these factors into consideration. It helps in picking the right stock 454 so that you do not regret your decision. 

Cam Types

It is crucial to know the difference between roller cams and flat tappet cams.

Both the cam types serve the required purpose, while the flat tappet is in use for a longer time. The flat tappet cams are cheaper to produce and it lasts for the engine’s life.

However, roller tappets are also widely used with the increased engine demands in association with the modern motor. 


Looking through Chevy Cam selection, there are a variety of options that just is not the right fit for your automobile.

Thus, pay attention to the compatibility. Only the right choice of 454 heads and cam functions suitably with your motor, compression ratio, fuel delivery type, and other specifications. 

Valve Lift

The focus is on the valve lift as there is the need for more RPM power to produce in the engine. It helps to lift a 454 towing cam.

It is equally important to consider the duration time. If the valves stay open longer, you enjoy more power.

Upgrading the camshaft is to get better performance, and so considering the valve lift is a critical factor. 

Lobe Separation & Valve Overlap 

Lobe Separation is the angle showing the distance of the exhaust centerline and the intake lobes.

The valve overlap refers to the time when the intake and exhaust valves stay open. The overlap takes place at the exhaust stroke ends while it is the intake stroke beginning. 

Engine Performance

Buying a suitable 454 cam implies it is a must to know how it responds to the cam upgrade. Camshaft works with pistons hand in hand in operating the poppet valves.

Nevertheless, the technical role of a camshaft is in lifting poppet valves and providing more power to the engine. The action compels the intake stroke to accelerate and provides engine power.

As the engine performance relies on the camshaft, get the right one to ensure good performance.


The timing of the camshaft has a great impact on the vehicle’s performance. By advancing or retarding the timing, the torque curve changes.

Thus, the RPM range shows changes by altering the timing.

Reliable Company

Many companies are selling Big Block Cam for Chevy.

However, not all are ideal or make a perfect fit with the engine. It is recommended to find a reliable and upright company that you can depend on.

Other Crucial Factors

  • The engine sound of the camshaft that is new should give a fair idle and better throttle response.
  • The lift should be capable enough to deliver more lift as it links RPM power. The better is the efficiency and engine power, with higher lift.
  • The camshaft types are of many kinds; consider the pros and cons of each before making a decision.
  • Choose a cam that handles regular wear and tear. It is right to choose the one with hydraulic roller tappets. It is because it bears the heat and proves its quality.
  • The hydraulic rollers offer more horsepower to the engine and reduce friction. The hydraulic flat tappet is useful as it helps in promoting engine performance and does not wear out soon.
  • Focus on the retrofit. It is because they work similar to hydraulic rollers and fit only the taller hydraulic rollers.

Crucial FAQs for the Best Street Cam Big Block Chevy

Q: Is 454 truly better?

Chevy 454 is the preferred choice of performance enthusiasts. It is preferred for its performance and power.

Furthermore, it is the favorite as there are many compatible parts in the market to choose from and to restore it to its original.

The power output and its aftermarket parts availability have made it the favorite and it is truly better. 

Q: How to get more power from a 454 Chevy engine?

Getting more power is the attraction and here are a few ways:

  • Improve the air and fuel intake system by upgrading it. It will create more power as more air and fuel get into the engine.
  • Change the stock exhaust system featuring a high-flow system.
  • Replace stock timing parts with racing-designed aftermarket components. 
  • Add a supercharger, but keep it as the last option.

Q: How much can stock 454 handles?

The experts claim 700-750hp is the safe handling stock bottom end of a 454.

In fact, 350-engine is enough for passenger vehicles. The need for 454 is for a truck or performance car to enjoy additional power.

The horsepower is impressive as the 454s of the truck-based were tuned for torque. 

Q: Where is a camshaft located and what is the role of a Camshaft?

The location of a camshaft is near the center or top of the engine. The Camshaft roles are:

  • It moves the exhaust gases as the fuel burns. It is along with the valve train allowing the air and fuel into the combustion chamber.
  • Modern engines feature four camshafts. With the rotation of camshafts, the lobes move. 
  • Chevy 454 cam is not overhead but operates like the modern models. It features a unique design that replacing in newer models is hard.
  • The camshaft of a vehicle is linked to the crankshaft. It gears twice as the gears teeth, allowing rotating to half the speed.

Q: How many miles 454 covers?

454 is a carbureted engine found in Chevy trucks and cars of the older models.

The engine provides high-end speeds and torque using eight cylinders. A larger bore in combination with eight cylinders offers an average of 15 mpg. 

Q: What are the 454 Cam failing symptoms?

The 454 cam is an indispensable part of the Chevy engine. Thus, if it starts failing, the symptoms are: 

  • Popping or backfiring noises
  • Tapping noise from valves
  • Cylinder misfires at higher or lower RPMs.

Q: How to install a Chevy 454?

Installing a 454, follow these steps:

  • Remove the No.1 spark plug using a socket and ratchet.
  • Find on the timing cover the timing marker below the water pump.
  • Check the spark plug wire featuring a number.
  • Remove the distributor cap.
  • Install the distributor by holding the bolt and clamp down.

Q: What are the 454 camshaft Benefits?

On upgrading cold air intake and the exhaust, considering a new kit of 454-cam is a must. The benefit of this addition is:

  • It increases the valve opening duration and timing. It helps in motor performance.
  • There is better acceleration, more horsepower, increased torque overall, and improved fuel economy.

Q: Why do the Cams go bad?

The cams go bad for these reasons:

  • Bad bearings, worn-out lobes, or worn lifters.
  • Broken cams damage the motor top.

Major engine issue needs looking immediately to avoid costly and extensive engine repairs.

Best Street Cam Big Block Chevy: Cams Swapping

Final Words

Buying a full kit or a single component, like a camshaft, there is a need to ensure it fits perfectly the application.

Check the exact make of your vehicles, the model, and the year. Also, look for the applicable VIN. Do not buy any camshaft just became you heard from someone saying it was great.

There is a need to buy the best cam for stock 454 only after assuring it is the right fit for your vehicle.

Only then you can the performance you seek. All the above-discussed cams are great and will make the right fit. You can pick anyone as per your budget and needs.

They offer an excellent RPM range. There are affordable and durable choices as well. Look no further, the right choices are here, choose the best and enjoy the best performance.