Feed Visual Aspect

If you are searching for products that your business might want to carry, or paintings that your gallery might want to purchase from artists – it is very obvious that the visual aspect is much, much more important than someone who is searching for headlines with a specific keyword. In this manner, you want to be able to glance at your feed, and immediately have an idea for a specific product or work of art. You also don’t want to have a list of hundreds of items, because this could mean that your business misses out on a product or artist that can mean real revenue.

Simple Feed

The username also might be important. For example, you might feel as though an editorial from a certain author carries more weight than others, and once you see that username in your news feed – this can cause your eyes to perk up. No matter what sector you are in, there are clear influencers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the world of art, music, or finance, the truth is that there are more seasoned and experienced people that deserve more weight and examination. The way that you customize your feed style can help you to capitalize on these opportunities. If you have a website embedded twitter feed can help you to reach your customers with actual information.

Making Work Easier On The Eyes

The truth is that work can be grueling, and you might as well have an appealing layout to your feed in order to make sure that your interest is there, and that you can be as productive as possible. It’s always frustrating to realize that you missed out on something, or to realize that you have to work outside of traditional work hours because you weren’t paying proper attention. It might sound dramatic, but the right feed style can help you pay attention to the right things.


Whether you want to emphasize images, or want a feed that only lists a certain amount of items,or want a classic/modern style – your feed is important. You can compare it to your office. Some people might feel as though office décor isn’t important, but at the end of the day, it might be the little things that you have on your desk or wall that can help create the right atmosphere, for you to be as professional and productive as ever. It might be hard to imagine the fact that an RSS feed can help your quality of life, but it can certainly be easier on your eyes!